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‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia Comes Clean & Fitz Makes A Shocking Decision

Thu, October 22, 2015 10:30pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

‘Scandal’ continues to leave Gladiators breathless every single episode. Olivia finally broke her silence about her relationship with Fitz to the world in a tell-all interview, and Fitz made a move that will likely leave Mellie shaking in her boots.

Gladiators, Scandal season five is straight-up nuts. On the Oct. 22 episode alone, Leo (Paul Adelstein) returned to help “fix” Olivia (Kerry Washington), Mellie (Bellamy Young) conspired to impeach Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), Olivia revealed all in a live interview and Fitz made a shocking decision that changed everything.

After Fitz and Olivia went public with their romance, Fitz’s presidency was up in the air. Cyrus (Jeff Perry) was eating all of it up. Michael was worried about Cyrus because he was kind of going cuckoo. The Grant investigation surrounding Olivia and Fitz was like the Berlin Wall coming down for Cyrus. He wanted to watch it fall. Mellie was helping with that. She voted to open the investigation, which could end up impeaching Fitz.

Fitz needed a lawyer and fast. David offered some help and said to hire Patty Snell. He also told Fitz not to talk to Olivia about the case whatsoever. Needless to say, Olivia was now in need of fixing. She had to bring in someone from outside OPA before she possibly went before Congress. That guy was LEO! For those of you who read my recaps, y’all know I love Leo. Like I knew he would, he had a plan. He wanted to paint the picture of Olivia and Fitz’s grand love story. Olivia didn’t want to play it that way. Olivia needed a makeover.  

She promised Leo that Fitz never gave her anything — ahem, that’s a lie. The people needed to see that Olivia was a human and not just a privileged elite. She didn’t just need an image 360, she needed someone to speak on her behalf. Olivia went to EDISON! He threw the whole “a criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar” back in her face. If Edison was going to help Olivia (and by that, lie), he deserved to know that truth.

Olivia relented, and Edison went on national television for her. Olivia and Fitz watched the interview, and they looked so cute. Fitz in that navy shirt? Swoon.

Tell The Truth

Patty Snell stepped in to help on Fitz’s behalf. First order of business? Abby told the press that Fitz had nothing to hide, and he would testify if need be. Patty didn’t want Fitz to have executive privilege. Fitz’s team sent all sorts of files to the committee. Mellie was right in the thick of it, until the committee made her resign because she was a conflict of interest.

Just when Olivia thought Leo’s plan was going well, the media found out about the ring Fitz gave her. Thanks, Mellie. Leo was pissed that Olivia didn’t tell him everything, her first rule with a client. Now Olivia had to follow Leo’s plan, which was to be a lovestruck teenager.

The committee investigating Fitz and Olivia wasn’t going to be nice. They cornered Marcus and wanted him to be a spy of sorts. If he didn’t follow their orders, they would destroy his life.

Whenever Olivia needs to clear her head, she always ends up going to Jake (Scott Foley). She went to his apartment and met his gal Elise. It was a tad awkward. He didn’t see a problem with her interview if it was her only way out. But once Olivia went through with it, she was tied to the White House and Fitz for good. For Olivia, that was a big thing. Before she left, Jake told her to just tell everyone how she felt about Fitz. Step out into the sun.

Her Fatal Flaw

Olivia went on the air and talked about the ring. When asked if she regretted her relationship with Fitz, Olivia said, “I wish I never laid eyes on him.” If she had never met Fitz, she wouldn’t have fallen in love like she did. She didn’t mean to hurt the people she’d hurt. She fell in love. That was her fatal flaw, and at the end of the day, nothing could or would change her feelings for Fitz. She couldn’t be a hypocrite anymore. She had to “stand in her truth.”

Meanwhile, Huck and Quinn weren’t totally relying on Leo’s plan. They wanted to forge a plan to swing votes in the committee toward Olivia’s favor by any means necessary. Marcus told the crew what the committee wanted him to do, and he was still totally Team OPA. Unfortunately, everyone had bigger problems. There was that video during the whole kidnapping debacle. If the video got out, or if the public knew Fitz watched it, going to war for the love of your life was an impeachable offense.

In order to let Fitz know what was going down, Fitz and Olivia had to engage in some serious sexy time. Watching these two roll around and discuss their next plan of attack was too hot for TV! Fitz was willing to say he never saw the video, but there was one person who could say that he did — Cyrus.

Welcome Back, [SPOILER]

Mellie and Cyrus got drunk together watching Olivia’s interview. The media thought Olivia was relatable now, much to Mellie’s dismay. Cyrus apologized for ever bringing Olivia onto Fitz’s campaign. More than likely, if not for Cyrus, Fitz and Olivia would never have met. Now that’s some irony. They shared a sweet moment before Fitz called. Cyrus went running to the White House and didn’t tell Mellie.

Fitz said he wanted Cyrus back. Cyrus knew Fitz needed something, and it was big. Cyrus had made Fitz his world for so long, and he wasn’t going to take it anymore. He thought his love and his dedication was one-sided. “This band is never ever getting back together,” Cyrus said. “I do not need this. I do not need you. Not anymore.”

Cyrus underestimated Fitz. Fitz knew how important Cyrus was and had been all these years. “I am sorry,” Fitz said, tearing up. “Truly, deeply sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry for what happened. I’m sorry for what I did to us.”

Fitz admitted that his biggest mistake was “forgetting we were family.” Fitz realized that Cyrus had sacrificed so much for him, and he was never going to forget it. Cyrus was willing to come back, but he had some requests that had to be fulfilled.

Cyrus was to be reinstated as Chief of Staff. Elizabeth North was gone. Ethan and Abby could stay. Cyrus wanted full presidential pardon. He would keep the video secret if those demands were met. Fitz agreed without question. To be honest, he missed Cyrus. However, Mellie won’t be happy about this. But honestly, Cyrus has always been Team Fitz.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Scandal? Are you glad Cyrus is back in the White House? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson