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Kylie Jenner Flaunts Dynamite Legs In Sultry Cut-Out Body Suit For New Photo Shoot

Thu, October 22, 2015 4:42pm EDT by 1 Comment

Who knew the desert could be so sexy? Kylie Jenner just did a brand new photoshoot and it might be her most scorching hot yet! Featuring those mile-long legs in a cut-out jumpsuit, these pics need to be seen immediately!

Every single Kylie Jenner photoshoot seems to be sexier than the one before! In her most recent shoot, which she did special for her insanely successful app, the 18-year-old headed into the depths of the desert, and posed in what could probably be described as a dominatrix bodysuit. Oh, and she was also posted up against the flossiest black SUV ever– ya know, as one does while in the desert. Check out the pics! To hear more about Kylie Jenner, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

Kylie actually took to Instagram on Oct. 22 to post a sampling of the photoshoot. In the first pic which King Kylie shared, she proved exactly why she garnered that nickname. Wearing a literal crown, Kylie closed her eyes and touched the bejeweled emblem of royalty. “40 million followers???!!!!!!!!!” Kylie captioned the photo. “Wow. That’s a whole lot of people. I put up an exclusive @sashasamsonova shoot in honor of my dope ass fans only on and on my app.”

Now, getting to the photo to end all photoshoots. Kylie rocks this black body suit with some very strategically placed cutouts throughout to show off her perfectly toned tummy and legs. She leans against a car that looks like it costs as much as a small country, and rocks dark shades, naturally. However, that isn’t even the most eye-catching features of the pic. Nope, that is delegated to the massive, furry white boots which Kylie is rocking.

Honestly, whilst stranded in the desert, what more would you need other than a cutout leotard and fur-covered boots that go up to your knees? See both pics below!

What do you think of Kylie’s desert shoot? Insanely hot or too much for you?

— Casey Mink