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James Harden Vows Never To Date A Married Woman Again After Khloe Kardashian Split

Thu, October 22, 2015 6:15pm EDT by 7 Comments

Poor James Harden. The NBA star got dumped by Khloe Kardashian when she called off her divorce to Lamar Odom. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop how James swears he’ll never get ‘played’ by another woman again, especially one still wearing a wedding ring!

You got to feel for James Harden, 26. Khloe Kardashian, 31, kicked the NBA superstar to the curb when she decided to stay married to Lamar Odom, 35. Thankfully, James is trying to keep a positive attitude about it. In fact, as has EXCLUSIVELY learned, turning this whole ordeal into a learning experience.

While getting dumped by Khloe seems sad, “the entire situation is funny to James,” a source close to him EXCLUSIVELY tells “He can’t stop shaking his head. It’s very comical [to him.]” James actually thinks it’s all some “high school sh*t happening to him,” except he’s an adult!

James isn’t the only one having a laugh at his misfortune. Some of his Houston Rockets teammates are “busting his chops about it too — but it’s all in fun.” His friends and teammates weren’t thrilled when he and Khloe struck up a romance, so it makes sense they would be happy he’s a single man again.

Khloe initially put her relationship with James on hold the moment Lamar was admitted to the hospital over his reported overdose. While James was willing to wait, Khloe decided to just end their romance by calling off her divorce.

“If James has learned anything from this, it’s to listen to those close to him,” the source tells While James is shocked that he was dumped over text message, he’s really just mad at himself. Everybody he knows in the NBA told him to not get too involved with Khloe, and he’s kicking himself for not listening.

Though this love affair with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star had a sad ending, James is doing to best to give it a positive spin. In addition to focusing on winning a NBA championship and his $200 million dollar deal with Adidas, James will know better to guard his heart.

“He won’t get played by another woman,” the source tells “He’s thankful Khloe taught him a valuable lesson about relationships – never date a woman who’s not legally divorced from her husband.”

Do you think Khloe and James will ever get back together, HollywoodLifers? Or are they done for good?

— Jason Brow, Eric Mitchell reporting