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‘Back To The Future’: Fans Mourn As Cubs Lose Chance To Win World Series As Predicted

Thu, October 22, 2015 11:45am EDT by Add first Comment

Great Scott! The Chicago Cubs were eliminated from the MLB playoffs on Oct. 21, shocking fans of baseball and ‘Back To The Future.’ The Cubs win the 2015 World Series in the second ‘BTTF’ film and fans vented their frustration over the loss on social media, even asking if they could go back in time!

Where’s Doc and Marty when you need them? Sadly, not even Christopher Lloyd, 77, and Michael J. Fox, 54, could save the Chicago Cubs from being knocked out of the MLB playoffs by the New York Mets. Though Back To The Future II predicted that the Cubs would win the World Series, that won’t happen now — and fans of both the movie and baseball were completely heartbroken!

The Mets swept the Cubs in the National League Championship Series on Oct. 21, 2015 — the same day that Marty and Doc visit in the second BTTF movie. The movie predicted that the ever-losing Cubs finally break their curse and win the World Series by sweeping Miami. Not this year.

Among all the things that the movie accurately predicted — fingerprint technology, 3-D movies — a Cubs win was not one of them. The Mets will now head to the World Series to face either the Kansas City Royals or the Toronto Blue Jays. The Cubs, on the other hand, will now head home.

It was a disappointing end to what was a great Back To The Future Day. Pepsi announced it was releasing a special edition bottle in honor of the movie. Toyota revealed a car that’s fueled by trash, just like Doc Brown’s Delorean. Speaking of Doc, Christopher reprised his iconic role to deliver a heartwarming message!

The Cubs needed that encouragement, because there wasn’t enough Pepsi or self-lacing Nikes to help them get over the Cubs’ loss. Some called the Cubs getting eliminated on Back To The Future Day “the most Cubs things ever.” Others suggested that Biff Tannen stole the time machine and “screwed up out timeline.”

Another fan proposed the theory that we won’t have hover boards or flying cars until the Cubs take home the championship! Get on it, Cubs! There’s always next year.

Sportswriter Jared Diamond pointed out that it was more a case of “Murphy’s Law” (“whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”) When Billy Sianis, owner of the Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago, tried to take his pet goat, Murphy, to the World Series in 1945, he was asked to leave. Billy then cursed the team and it seems that they’ll lose whenever they have to deal with someone (or something) named Murphy!

What do you think about the Cubs losing on Back To The Future Day, HollywoodLifers? Were you rooting for them or hoping that the Mets would win?

— Jason Brow