‘Scream Queens’: Finally Find Out Why No. 3 Wears Those Earmuffs

Double the presidents = double the deaths at the Kappa house. There are (at least) two killers, so that makes sense, right? After rigging the votes (because obviously one president would get killed), Chanel (Emma Roberts) accepted Zayday (Keke Palmer) as co-president. Naturally, to find out more about the secrets that are getting people killed, Zayday decided to have a sleepover. And it's not a sleepover with some Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven, right?

It wasn’t long until the red devil(s) crashed the party at Kappa, but one lady really surprised everyone this week: Chanel actually saved Zayday’s life. As the new presidents investigated the fancy, hidden tunnels, they got chased by the devil, and he/she caught Zayday — and out of no where, Chanel showed up to save the day. Yes, she has a human emotion after all! (She claimed it was just selfishness, but we’re not buying that.) However, that doesn’t mean the night was without some deaths.

Truth Or Death?

– The Dickies broke in to help the girls being trapped in their house… minus the armless fella who obviously can’t climb the latter so was beheaded by the Devil. This led to Chad and Chanel made a pinky-pledge to have a monogamous relationship, and to the other half of No. 5 (Abigail Breslin)’s Eiffell Tower brother being murdered in front of her with a nail gun. Unfortunately, again, she wasn’t harmed. Why does the devil like her?! Girl, bye.

– We finally found out why No. 3 (Billie Lourde) wears the earmuffs — it’s not just an homage to her mother: her ex got obsessed with her and threatened to cut her ears off if he saw them again. Since, she became convinced she would make anyone who dated her, insane, so even though they kissed, she refused to date Sam/Predatory Lez (Jeanna Han). She also later realized she was just “in love with love.” She also made a pact with No. 5 that they would outlive Chanel.

– During Truth or Dare, No. 3’s secret about her Charles Manson dad was revealed by Sam. To get back at her, No. 3 dared her to take a nap in the bathtub — where she was obviously killed. It was already filled with blood — and well, the devil was obvi there to knock her out and suffocate her. And before killing her, she asked the Devil to remove the mask. “I knew it was you” were her last words.

– Grace’s dad turned all dad on her, and tried to get her to leave the house and campus once and for all — sweet but obviously still suspicious. She refused to leave her sisters though; good thing — Chanel got all the sisters pink nun-chucks before their impromptu dance party.

Scream Queens is going on hiatus until after the World Series, so in the meantime, leave your thoughts on who the killer is below! I honestly am not quite sure who I’m supposed to be rooting for at this point!

— Emily Longeretta


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