Colleen Crowley: 5 Things To Know About Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend

You may be familiar with Johnny Manziel because of his quarterback role with the Cleveland Browns, but lately he's making headlines because of a domestic dispute he had with his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. Don't recognize her? We have five quick facts about the NFL gf here! When you're dating an NFL heartthrob like Johnny Manziel, 22, it's tough to stay out of the spotlight. Unfortunately for his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, that also means your relationship problems are also going to be very public. Colleen and Johnny had to face authorities after they had a very heated argument in the car on Oct. 12, in which the police report said that Johnny hit Colleen a couple of times. As their domestic dispute is still under investigation, get to know more about Colleen.

Johnny Manziel Girlfriend Colleen Crowley
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1. She attended Texas Christian University.

Originally from Houston, Colleen was an undergrad at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. She even owns a pair of TCU cowboy boots that she wears to games! Although it’s unclear whether she has graduated, her Texas roots are what led her to meeting Johnny, as he is also a Texas native (but attended Texas A&M University).

2. She has been dating Johnny since July 2014.

Despite their separate Texas alma maters, Colleen and Johnny found love when school wasn’t in session in 2014. They were first seen together in June 2014 at a Drake concert, Daily Mail reported. As any doting girlfriend would, Colleen offered her man major support during his rehab stint earlier this year.

3. Gossip Girl is one of her favorite shows.

Colleen loves posting hilarious sayings to her social media sites, and one in particular definitely brought out the fangirl within her. She posted an Instagram last fall that read, “What Would Blair Waldorf Do?,” referencing the main character in Gossip Girl played by Leighton Meester.

4. She has a summer birthday.

According to Colleen’s Instagram, her birthday is around early August. In fact, last year, she had not one, but two blowout parties in Houston to celebrate!

5. Modeling is on her resume.

Colleen posed for a streetwear clothing line called No Rulez NY in November 2014, TMZ revealed. While she seemingly hasn’t had other modeling gigs recently, she’s definitely gorgeous enough for a career in the biz!

Although their dispute seemed rather scary, Johnny and Colleen have publicly announced on social media that their relationship is doing just fine.

Did you know who Colleen was before she and Johnny made headlines, HollywoodLifers? Do you think she should stay with Johnny after such a public fight? Tell us below!

— Taylor Weatherby

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