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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: King Arthur’s Evil Ways Turn Dangerous

Sun, October 18, 2015 9:50pm EDT by Avery Thompson 3 Comments

‘Once Upon A Time’ is building the foundation for one epic midseason finale. Turns out, Arthur is kind of the worst person ever, and he forces two beloved characters to be a part of his master plan!

King Arthur needs to take a chill pill. On Once Upon A Time, the legendary character is anything but heroic. On the Oct. 18 episode, we learned more about Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot’s backstory, Hook and Emma share a lovely day together amidst the growing crisis and Snow and Charming put aside their differences for the greater good, only to get betrayed in the end.

Way before Arthur was a king, he was just a stable boy. However, he was still motivated to fulfill his prophecy of finding Excalibur at a very early age. Later on, he found the sword — like we saw at the beginning of the season — but there was only half of it. He took it and told his kingdom that he had found the entire sword. While he claimed Merlin only spoke in half truths, so did he.

Years later, King Arthur showed Charming the broken Excalibur. He wanted Charming to help him find the other half. LOL. Charming already knew where it was. Emma was being drawn to the dagger more with each passing day. She nearly grabbed it, but a crafty Regina put a spell on it. Rumple was still there bothering the heck out of her, and she nearly hurt Hook in the process of trying to get Rumple out of her head.

Magic Sands & Love Stories

Needless to say, Emma was kind of down. Hook and Henry had just the thing for her. Hook made everyone swoon when he said this: “Come on, love. Let’s sail away.”

The rest of the gang was trying to figure out what their next step was. Snow told Charming that Arthur couldn’t be trusted because of what Lancelot said. As surprised as Charming was about Lancelot, he didn’t want his bromance with Arthur to end. He tried defending Arthur, and Snow called him out on his hero complex.

Turns out, Arthur’s been crazy since day one. Years before the gang found themselves in Camelot, Arthur was going bonkers trying to find the dagger. He was so determined that he shut Guinevere out. That’s when Lancelot stepped in. He planned a party for her and made her feel loved. When Arthur went to find the dagger, Lancelot stayed behind with Guinevere.

Lancelot and Guinevere had an adventure of their own. She found a Merlin’s gauntlet and went to find the dagger. They found a magical passageway where Lancelot was nearly killed. After that near-death experience, they kissed.

They walked through a door and found the dagger, but were unable to grab it. Rumple was there, because of course he was. In exchange for the gauntlet, he offered up the magical sands of Avalon, that could seemingly fix anything on the surface. Guinevere took the deal and went back to Arthur. He knew about her and Lancelot. In a dick move, he threw the sand on her, which made her comply with whatever he wanted. Poor Lancelot. Arthur is actually the worst. He used more of the sand to create a lavish kingdom.

The Mad King

Fast forward a few years, Charming told Arthur they were going to restore Excalibur right this second. Charming revealed that Emma was the Dark One and that Lancelot was back. Charming thought he had brought the dagger to hand over, but Snow actually had it because she’s a boss lady. She brought it to Lancelot to hide.

He took her to the place that he and Guinevere had discovered. Snow had been here before in a vision where Emma pulled her heart out. Before they could make another move, Arthur arrived and pulled a sword on them. He went a little nuts, and Snow handed over the dagger. Believing this was his chance, he commanded Emma to come to him. Nice try. The dagger wasn’t real. That’s when Charming showed up.

Field Of Dreams

They brought Arthur to Granny’s Diner. Guinevere arrived and uncuffed him. They all knew she was under some type of spell. She said she loved Arthur and not Lancelot. That was a really bad blow to Lancelot’s heart. Arthur wasn’t just going to let Snow and Charming get away. Guinevere threw the sands on them and tossed Lancelot in jail. He wasn’t alone, though. Merida was there!

Snow and Charming went to Regina and were both Team Arthur now. “Making Excalibur whole is our best chance to help Emma,” Snow said to Regina. Oh, boy. We’re going down a dark road.

Meanwhile, Henry brought Emma to the stables, but he really just wanted to see his crush. Hook made Emma forget all about Rumple with a romantic horseback ride. She needed to trust someone, and the best guy around was definitely Hook. They kissed in a field of roses. It was pure Captain Swan bliss.

In present day Storybrooke, Emma still had a rose. All hope’s not lost, right? Rumple was locked up and was adamant he was not a hero. Emma didn’t believe him. She could turn him into one with a little time. She had kidnapped Merida and forced her to be her minion. “I need you to make him brave,” Emma said. *SCREAMS*

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— Avery Thompson