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Lamar Odom’s Fight To Live: Breathing On His Own & Responding To Doctors

Sun, October 18, 2015 9:28am EDT by 5 Comments

Lamar Odom has made a significant turn for the better in what doctors are describing his best 24 hours yet. After awakening from his coma to the tearful face of his beloved Khloe Kardashian, Lamar is now responding to doctors both physically and verbally — a true miracle, but there’s still a long, hard road ahead.

There has been a huge leap forward in improvement for Lamar Odom, who has appeared to beat the odds and has begun to breathe on his own after awakening from his coma. Lamar is now speaking with difficulty and responding to doctors, according to TMZ, but he’s understandably still having trouble during this arduous process. Read on for more details about Lamar’s recovery process.

“This is the best 24 hours [Lamar] has had so far,” a hospital witness told TMZ. Lamar has been completely taken off his ventilator for the first time, and is now simply using a breathing mask for the time being to increase his oxygen levels and help him breathe more comfortably.

Even more astounding, Lamar is making leaps and bounds in his crucial physical tests. Along with breathing on his own, Lamar passed a “swallow test,” meaning he can also swallow on his own, according to E! News. Apparently, being able to swallow on his own is a very promising sign that his neurological functions are returning to normal.

While Lamar is trying to speak, it’s still very difficult to do after being comatose and being on a ventilator for several days. For now, he’s mainly communicating with hand signals (thumbs up and thumbs down), according to the report, since his speech remains very garbled.

Thankfully, Lamar’s heart seems to be doing well, according to the TMZ source. Although he’s improved significantly, there was major damage to many of his organs, including his kidneys, which are still failing. Lamar is currently on dialysis right now, according to E! News.

Though Lamar is not yet out of the woods, his doctors apparently feel good enough about his improvement that he could be moved out of the Intensive Care Unit soon. We’re so happy to hear that he’s on the mend!

— Samantha Wilson