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Lamar Odom Need To Be Saved From Drugs: ‘Everybody Saw The Signs,’ Says Friend

Fri, October 16, 2015 11:36am EDT by 1 Comment

The tragic story of Lamar Odom is getting more desolate, with late best friend Jamie’s father remarking that he could have been saved from his drug habits: there was something everyone could have done to help him survive.

Guillermo Castillo, father of Lamar Odom‘s best friend Jamie Sangouthai, told the Daily News that the signs were all there when it came to Lamar’s drug abuse. Lamar was allegedly addicted to cocaine, and he could have been saved from his habits, if only someone reached out to him in time. This is truly a tragic tale, one that isn’t getting any better by the day.

“I think [Khloe] really loved him, and I don’t think she could have done any other thing,” Guillermo said. “”But I’m also sure, 200 percent, that everybody saw the signs that Lamar needed serious help. Did anyone say, ‘Hey Lamar, let’s go to a rehab center. We’re going to try to save you so you don’t end up like Jamie.’ Did anybody do that?”

What an awful realization. Guillermo cares about Lamar like his own son; Lamar and Jamie were attached to the hip, best friends since childhood, and Guillermo truly knows Lamar better than most. The fact that both Jamie and Lamar got mixed up in the horrifying world of drug abuse, and that he could lose Lamar just like he lost Jamie only earlier in the same year, is a terrifying thought.

“How could you see Lamar and my son for two minutes and not see they were like one person?” Guillermo asked. “The signs were there, straight from A to Z. Did they choose to ignore the signs?” Guillermo isn’t blaming one person, but just wishes Lamar would’ve gotten the help he needed from someone, anyone, who realized what dire straights he was really in.

Our thoughts remain with Lamar and his loved ones at this time.

— Samantha Wilson