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‘Scandal’ Recap: Fitz & Olivia Make A Shocking Move & Mellie Goes Nuclear

Thu, October 15, 2015 10:21pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

Another week, another jaw-dropping episode of ‘Scandal.’ Olivia dealt with nasty press, and Fitz made a drastic move that left Mellie seething and ready for revenge.

Scandal went in a shocking direction this week that no one could have seen coming. On the Oct. 15 episode, we learned a lot about Jake’s (Scott Foley) past, a new Gladiator stepped up, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) made another decision that leaves legacies on the line and Mellie (Bellamy Young) went to extremes.

Jake should have known better. Rowan was not going to spill the beans about Lazarus One, but Jake ultimately knew his game. Jake thought Rowan was either having someone on the outside keeping the empire afloat, or he was still pulling the strings — especially on Lazarus One.

Rowan took the opportunity to sound off on Olivia. She screwed up. She was bound to fall. For Rowan, he may be in jail, but he was still in charge. Power was never lost, according to Rowan. Jake vowed to find out who was working with Rowan on the outside.

Quinn met up with Marcus, and it was such a throwback to the first ever Scandal episode. Quinn walked in with so much swagger just like Harrison (RIP) and offered Marcus a job. He could be a Gladiator in a suit if he wanted to be. You know what he said? “Hell no.” Quinn wasn’t expecting that.

Meanwhile, Fitz was FURIOUS that Olivia’s name was getting raked over the coals. He wanted someone to blame, and he blamed Abby. He even fired her! Fitz wasn’t messing around, and he was being a little too harsh.

Fitz and Liv later fought about Abby. She wanted him to hire Abby back. Abby did exactly what Olivia would have done. Olitz held a moment of silence between them to ponder over all that had happened in just the last few days. Olivia didn’t want Fitz to think she needed to be rescued. But she needed some help. She found people taking photos of her in her home from a nearby apartment. Yikes.

Somebody’s Married

Olivia was watching all the stories about her on the news, which included a young Olivia at Georgetown! (Wonder if she knew Alicia and Will from The Good Wife?) Huck and Quinn arrived to tell her that no one would be taking photos of her from across the street — Huck rented the apartment. Quinn told her about Marcus, but Olivia didn’t want to hire more Gladiators. Quinn and Huck could handle things on their own until Olivia could get back. LOL.

Jake and Charlie went to Paris to find out more about Lazarus One. They met up with a girl named Elise, who Jake definitely knew. He went to her place later to talk things over. Turns out, Jake had been MARRIED! “I really loved being married to you,” Jake said, crushing Olake shippers everywhere. He thought she was dead, but she was alive and well. Later, when Jake and Charlie were trying to figure what was going on with those paintings in the Louvre, a guy came in and shot Elise! However, she managed to kill him. Go, girl. Jake then asked her to come back to the States with him!

Over in the senate, Mellie was getting bombarded by the press about Olivia, which I’m sure she loved. It was Mellie’s first day, and she had some learning to do. The women of the Senate wanted to impeach Fitz with her go-ahead. Cyrus actually wanted her to consider it. Mellie didn’t want to impeach her husband, the father of her children. Cyrus, further twisting that knife, told Mellie this was her opportunity to claim the White House as her own.

Say Hello To The New Gladiator

Mellie found Fitz at the White House playing hide and seek with Teddy. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Teddy grew up so fast! Mellie looked upset. She told Fitz she didn’t want to fight him anymore. “If you don’t hurt me, I won’t hurt you,” Mellie and Fitz agreed.

Quinn and Huck found Marcus at OPA. He wanted to take the job now. It wasn’t just about the money, it was about Olivia. “I’m here to help a sister out who helped me when I needed it,” Marcus said. He wanted to get the press off Olivia’s back. Since that wasn’t a part of Olivia’s plan, Huck told him to stand down. Marcus didn’t like that too much.

Liz went to Senator Gibson about investigating Fitz. Gibson had an ultimatum. Fitz could either answer questions in front of the Senate or face impeachment. Fitz agreed to a secret meeting with Gibson and other senators to air things out. Fitz put some offers on the table, but the guys had other thoughts. They wanted him to kill the Brandon Bill, which was Fitz’s legacy. He needed to choose wisely. Before Gibson left, he told Fitz to next time choose a girl “more palatable to the base.” That pissed Fitz off.

Liv was trolling the internet and seeing all the nasty things people were writing about her. It was pretty awful — people wanted to rape her or kill her. Fitz told her to shut it down. All the pressure got the most of Olivia for a moment. “I’m fine,” she cried. But she clearly wasn’t fine.

Doing The Right Thing

At this point, Cyrus was pissed at Mellie for not considering Fitz’s impeachment. She didn’t understand why he wanted revenge on Fitz so badly. Cyrus went off. He lost it. “I loved him as my son, my child and my soul,” Cyrus said about Fitz. And then Fitz shut him out. Cyrus then took it too far by bringing up Jerry. “Your child is safe in the ground,” Cyrus said. Um, what about Ella? Mellie was done with Cyrus after the Jerry comment. Cyrus doesn’t have a job — again.

As Marcus walked out of OPA, he hit his wit’s end with the press. He turned to the press and defended Olivia. He became Harrison 2.0. He wanted Huck and Quinn to fight and not hold back. Marcus didn’t hide from anyone. They all went on the air, including Huck, and called out reporters for dog whistle politics. Later, Huck killed me with this epic line about Olivia: “I’m damaged. She doesn’t like to yell at me.”

Fitz was done playing games with everyone. He wanted to do the right thing for himself and for Olivia, and he didn’t really care what everyone else thought. He went to Olivia’s building, took the elevator up to her apartment and told Olivia he was taking his “girlfriend” on a date.

He then made out with Olivia in the elevator with his Secret Service agents standing right next to them. In case you thought this episode couldn’t get more shocking, Fitz escorted her outside! The press, the senate and everyone tried to come between Fitz and Olivia, but he told the world to shove it. That’s why I love Fitz.

Well, Mellie wasn’t exactly Fitz’s biggest fan at this point. She met with the ladies of the Senate to talk one thing — about impeaching Fitz!

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— Avery Thompson