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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Heidi Klum Wants To Send 2 Designers Home

Thu, October 15, 2015 10:37pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 2 Comments
project runway brooklyn bridge dress
Courtesy of Project Runway

With only five designers left everyone is feeling the pressure. This week we saw a first-ever for ‘Runway’ — a competition with 3D printing — and that’s not all! A Brooklyn Bridge dress and a celeb stealing a look right from the runway kept this week interesting to say the least. Read on for our ‘Project Runway’ recap, but not if you don’t want to know who was sent home this week!

The small group realizes that they’re only one step closer to New York Fashion Week. Heidi Klum greets the designers and tells them they’re bringing NYC landmarks to life — and in 3D! Now that’s one way to switch it up. The designers meet Tim Gunn at a NYC landmark — right beneath the Queensboro Bridge. For this challenge, the designers will draw inspiration from the city’s famous bridges for their challenge, to create an avant-garde look. For the first time ever on Project Runway, they’ll use 3D printing to create their look.

Kelly picks the Brooklyn Bridge — since she won the last challenge, she gets to pick. Tim assigns the remaining bridges to the group. Kelly decides to take the challenge very literally — and this could either be amazing or totally terrible.

Tim is impressed with Edmond and Candice, while Ashley is showing off a side we’ve never seen before — and I’m really excited by it. Merline might be in trouble — with, surprise, surprise, the construction. While Kelly’s bridge concept seemed a bit costume-y at first, at this point I’m excited to see how it comes together.

“This is the best work you have done all season,” Tim says after meeting with each contestant.

Ashley has a freakout moment when it comes to placing her 3D prints. Not gonna lie, a bit confused by the poncho she added to the outfit.

What a fantastic runway show, Heidi says after the items come down the runway.

Heidi and Mel B both rave about Edmond’s design. Nina Garcia says she was expecting something “more innovative” from him, especially because she knows what he’s capable of designing.

All of the judges rave about Kelly’s design — Zac Posen says he’s really, really proud of her. I’m so happy for Kelly — at first I was nervous about how this would all come together, (especially because sometimes she takes it a little too over-the-top), but she executed this perfectly. It really is a testament to how much she grew as a designer.

Merline’s dress was met with mixed reviews — and I see both sides of the judges critique.

Zac Posen praises Ashley for really stepping it up — and I could not agree more! Although she personally struggled with laying out the pattern, it came together in an interesting way — but let’s be honest, it’s all about the pants here. I’m obsessed with them. From the fit to the sheer detailing, they were impeccable.

Candice’s dress is gorgeous, but Nina and Zac both don’t think it’s avant-garde — but Zac thinks she applied the 3D printing the best out of anyone else on the runway. He’s also amazed she made the dress in just two days. Her model looked gorgeous, there’s clearly no denying that. Mel B loves it so much she asks to wear her design to an upcoming event — how AH-MAZING is that?!

While deliberating, I’m bummed to hear Ashley is in the bottom.

Heidi calls it the: “most successful show of the season” when she calls the designers back out to announce who is in and who is out.

Kelly is the winner — that’s two in a row for her! I love the way the judges embraced her look. Merline is out. It came down to her and Ashley, and honestly because of her construction issues I do think it was her time to go. While she definitely has potential, maybe it was the pressure of the competition that got to her — and can we talk about how joyful she was, even when she was sent home?!

Now it’s down to just four! Who will make it to fashion week?

Katrina Mitzeliotis