Master P Vs Kobe Bryant: Fans Lash Out At Rapper For Lamar Odom Comments

Master P blasted Kobe Bryant over Lamar Odom, accusing Kobe for abandoning his former L.A. Lakers teammate. He also said Kobe only visited Lamar in the hospital for publicity. Fans took to social media to call out Master P for being both a hypocrite and an 'idiot!' Master P, 48, got his big break with his "Make 'Em Say Uhh!" hit, but after what he said about Kobe Bryant, 37, he might want to keep quiet from now on. Master P trashed Kobe by calling him "fake" and "phony" for rushing to Lamar Odom’s side after L.O. was found unconscious in Nevada. If Master P was looking for props from his fans, all he found was backlash over his "really stupid" comments!

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Master P called what happened to Lamar “a sad situation,” but he also said that Kobe was being “phony” when he visited Lamar in the hospital. “It looked like [publicity,]” Master P said, who thought Kobe could have done more to get Lamar back into the NBA. “Why didn’t [he] get him into training camp?” P asked, before saying that Lamar would be on the court instead of the hospital “if [Kobe truly] loved him.”

Dang. That’s cold. While Master P thought that Kobe’s sympathy for his fellow NBA Champion was “fake,” many thought that Kobe’s concern was legit. He was reportedly one of the first people to visit Lamar after he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. Many people, from Dwyane Wade to Tyga to the entire Kardashian family, join Kobe and showed their support for Lamar.

Master P’s comments caught fire on the Internet. People on Twitter pointed out that if Kobe could have “saved” Lamar, then Master P could have “saved” his brother, rapper C-Murder. C-Murder is currently serving a life sentence in prison for — surprise, surprise — murder. Some even wondered why Master P didn’t prevent “the mother of his kids being homeless?”

While fans pointed out Master P’s hypocrisy over his wife and brother, most just thought what the No Limit Soldier said was just “really stupid” and that P was being an “idiot.” Some even wondered why “Master P” was trending in 2015.

What do you think about Master P’s comments, HollywoodLifers? Do you agree or do you think what he said was “really stupid?”

— Jason Brow

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