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Why Khloe Kardashian Mustn’t Blame Herself For Lamar Odom Tragedy — Expert Speaks

Thu, October 15, 2015 9:37pm EDT by 9 Comments

Khloe Kardashian is understandably devastated by Lamar Odom’s unconsciousness and the situation he’s in. However, an expert spoke to EXCLUSIVELY and is saying the reality star shouldn’t blame herself for her estranged husband’s current condition.

Poor Khloe Kardashian, 31. The reality star is going through a difficult and emotional time as Lamar Odom, 35, continues to fight for his life in his comatose state. While the former NBA star’s alleged drug addiction may have led him to his current condition, spoke to an expert who says Khloe should not blame herself for everything that’s happening.

“Addiction is an illness that effects more than the person that has it, it effects the entire family,” William Moyers, the Vice President of Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation told EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s in moments like this the family needs to come together and stick together through the tragedy of this man’s illness.” And that is exactly what the Kardashians did. When Khloe was alerted about Lamar being found unconscious in a luxury brothel in Nevada, she immediately rushed to be by his side and her family did the same.

As Khloe continues to stay with Lamar, she may feel guilty about the situation he’s in, but addiction expert Steve Ornstein says that’s normal. “Loved ones of addicts will especially blame themselves. I am sure she felt responsible for his difficulties when they were still together,” Steve tells EXCLUSIVELY. “‘If only,’ ‘should have,’ these words are killers and will haunt a person if they don’t get the proper support.” Thankfully Khloe has her family to support her through this difficult time.

Steve went on to say the best thing Khloe can do in this situation is to take care of herself and surround herself with positive and supportive people. “Khloe needs to be reminded that she WAS there for Lamar the best way she could be and she needs to reminded that she brought so much love and joy into his life,” Steve continued to say. “She is not God, and could not make Lamar change his ways no matter how hard she tried. What she can do for Lamar is love herself and be kind to herself, especially during this very difficult time.”

Even if Khloe does find herself taking the blame, Erica Spiegelman, addiction expert and author of Rewired: A Bold New Approach To Addiction & Recovery says the 31-year-old reality star needs to realize that addiction is a disease and that “Lamar’s brain was hijacked by drugs.” Erica went on to say, “Lamar and other addicts have and give themselves every excuse in the book to use. It comes down to them asking for help, seeking treatment and taking all the negative consequences seriously.” Khloe has put her entire life on hold to be with Lamar. Hopefully the two time NBA champion will be able to pull through and make a miraculous recovery.

Our thoughts continue to remain with Lamar and his family through this difficult time.

— Michelle Phi, reporting by Sandra Clark & Allison Swan