Lamar Odom: Upset Over ‘KUWTK’ Episode About BFF Jamie’s Death While At Brothel

Lamar Odom was super 'chill' and in good spirits at the beginning of his Nevada trip and days later, he was found unconscious from reported substance abuse. So what happened?! It turns out, Khloe Kardashain's ex became visibly upset after a previous 'KUWTK' episode aired on Sunday, according to a new report. It's no secret that Lamar Odom, 35, has dealt with substance abuse problems over the years, but it seems there is a lot more to the story after he was found unconscious inside the Love Ranch brothel in Nevada on October 13. He was reportedly in a great mood until watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on October 11, which was about his best friend Jamie Sangouthai's death. Here's everything we know.

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“We picked him up at his home in Vegas in a gated community. He was in a great mood and having fun with the girls. We don’t think he was doing drugs because he slept every night. He woke up in a great mood,” Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Love Ranch, told E! News.

“He got calls on Sunday that kind of bummed him out. Besides that, he was in great state of mind. He was eating good. My girls were cooking for him.” He said that the girls “gave him a bottle of Cognac on Saturday and there is a third of a bottle left.”

The women around Lamar said he seemed very irritated about how he was portrayed on that night’s KUWTK episode, according to TMZ. The episode showed Khloe Kardashian expressing her concern for Lamar after his good friend Jamie’s death. Khloe said that she was worried Lamar would “spiral.”

When he arrived at the ranch, sources say he ordered a single bottle of cognac and when he was found unconscious a third of the bottle was left. It is also being reported that Lamar was popping herbal viagra pills before he was found. He is currently fighting for his life at a Nevada hospital. His heart is failing and he’s having trouble with other major organs, including his kidneys and lungs, as he remains unconscious and breathing only with the help of a ventilator.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Lamar and his loved ones during this tough time.

— Shira Benozilio 

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