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Lamar Odom Reportedly Had Multiple Strokes In Hospital: ‘Not Looking Good,’ Says Doc

Wed, October 14, 2015 5:42pm EDT by 17 Comments

Why is Lamar Odom clinging to life after being found unconscious after an alleged drug and alcohol binge? And if he did actually have multiple strokes in the hospital, as reported, how dire is his condition? A doctor explains.

Lamar Odom‘s condition is “not looking good,” according to Dr. John O’Dea who spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. The 35-year-old, who was found unconscious on Oct. 13, has reportedly suffered multiple strokes since being taken to a Las Vegas hospital which, according to Dr. O’Dea, is a pretty dire sign. We spoke to the doctor ourselves to get the firsthand info: what caused Lamar’s strokes, and what are the chances he’ll wake up from his coma?


Lamar suffered from what is known as an ischemic stroke, which means “a lack of blood getting to a part of the brain,” Dr. O’Drea EXCLUSIVELY explained. This is dangerous because the brain gets its oxygen from blood, and it needs oxygen to function. So, what stopped the blood from flowing to Lamar’s brain? It may have been the potentially-lethal mixture of drugs, which were reportedly found in his system.

“Using uppers and downers together is extremely dangerous,” explained the doctor. “Crack causes irregular heartbeats and at the same time, the opiates suppress breathing.” The terms “uppers” and “downers” refer to substances which speed your heart rate up and down, respectively. Throughout the alleged four-day bender which lead to Lamar’s hospitalization, he had allegedly done crack-cocaine (an upper), opiates (a downer), as well as “every other drug imaginable.”

Mixing the two substances is known as “speed-balling” and, according to Dr. O’Dea, “addicts like it because it gives a very smooth high.” However, as we’ve just seen, it can also cause blood loss to the brain, which can lead to stroke.


Since every stroke is different, sadly, it’s unknown right now whether Lamar will ever come out of his coma. “We don’t have enough information to know what the prognosis is and we don’t know how much he damaged the brain,” said the doctor. “If he was down for long enough he will be gone, he’ll be in fruit and vegetable state.”

Basically, this means that the chance Lamar will come out of the coma depends on how long he was unconscious before receiving medical attention. Each moment that went by made it more and more likely that Lamar will be permanently vegetative (unresponsive, and alive only physically).

Even more bleak is the fact that Lamar has reportedly had several comas since checking into the hospital. “Having multiple strokes in the hospital is not good,” explained the doctor. “The more strokes you have, the more likely one of them could kill you. It’s not looking good.”

We are sending Lamar all of the positivity in the world.

— Casey Mink