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Lamar Odom Confessed To Doing Cocaine In The Days Before Being Hospitalized

Wed, October 14, 2015 6:17pm EDT by 1 Comment

Lamar Odom is in a coma after an alleged overdose at a Nevada brothel. Doctors allegedly found crack cocaine in his system, but according to one of the prostitutes that discovered the unconscious Lamar, he was reportedly doing coke before he even showed up at The Love Ranch!

Lamar Odom, 35, is in the fight for his life. The NBA champion was found passed out and unresponsive in his room at a Nevada bordello. When the staff called the paramedics for help, they claimed Lamar admitted he did cocaine days before his brothel visit!

Richard Hunter, the manager of the Love Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, said that he found out about Lamar’s alleged drug use when he called 911, reports TMZ. The emergency dispatcher asked if Lamar had done any drugs or alcohol, and one of the prostitutes that found him said he took a “sh*tload” of an herbal substitute for Viagra. When Richard pressed the woman for more information, she confessed that Lamar reportedly admitted to doing “a small about of cocaine” before he arrived at the Ranch on Oct. 11.

Lamar’s party may have ended at the Love Ranch, but it reportedly began long before he arrived at the Nevada house of ill repute. He was reportedly spotted partying with young women at the Lobster in Santa Monica days before his alleged overdose. The ex-NBA superstar was reportedly in “high spirits” while he drank cognac and champagne. It seems he allegedly enjoyed some cocaine, as well.

When Lamar was taken to the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, doctors reportedly discovered fluid in his lungs, which allegedly indicated Lamar had supposedly done crack cocaine. Doctors reportedly also found track marks on the ex-Laker’s arm, as well as “virtually every drug imaginable” in his system.

Lamar also reportedly suffered an “ischemic stroke,” which happens when a blood clot prevents blood flow to the brain. This type of stroke is often associated with drug use, particularly cocaine.

Lamar Odom Drug Overdose: Meet The Two Prostitutes Who Found Him Unconscious

If Lamar comes out of this horrible ordeal alive, he has two women to thank. Monica Monroe and Ryder Cherry discovered Lamar and had they not found him, the paramedics might not have been able to reach him in time. The two women are part of the 500 workers at the Love Ranch, and were both reportedly winners of “Top Lovers of the Month” for their services.

Our thoughts are with Lamar during this ordeal, as well as with his family and friends.

— Jason Brow