Anna Duggar Furious With Michelle Duggar For Implying She Didn’t Sexually Satisfy Josh

As it turns out, fans weren't the only ones outraged by Michelle Duggar's latest blog post. has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Anna is FURIOUS with her mother-in-law for insinuating that she didn't satisfy Josh's sexual needs and is in some way responsible for his infidelity! Michelle Duggar, 49, appeared to be throwing some serious shade towards her daughter-in-law Anna Duggar in a new blog post posted on the family's website on Oct. 8. The mother-of-nineteen appeared to be calling out Anna for seemingly not sleeping with her husband, Josh Duggar, 27, enough, ultimately leading him to cheat on her with not one, but two porn stars. Now, has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Anna is furious with Michelle for putting the blame on her rather than admitting to her son's problems and their own hypocritical ways.

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“At first Anna blamed herself for Josh’s wandering eye, but now that’s she been away from him and has been getting support from her own family, she’s starting to realize that she is NOT to blame,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “In fact, she’s gone from feeling sad to angry. And adding fuel to the flame, is Michelle’s recent sex advice. Anna thinks her words are a direct aim at her and they are passive aggressive and hurtful.”

“She feels like Josh’s parents are in so much denial about their son that they would rather blame Anna for their failed relationship than take responsibility for not getting Josh the proper help and treatment that he needed when they found out he was molesting his sisters,” our source continued. “And Anna doesn’t buy into that pleasing mentality any more because she was ALWAYS there for Josh even when she was exhausted and that didn’t stop him from betraying her and the family.”

For those who don’t know, the drama started when Michelle took to the family’s website to write about how important it is for women to have sex with their husbands whenever and wherever they request it. “Anyone can iron Jim Bob’s shirt, anybody can make lunch for him,” she wrote. “He can get his lunch somewhere else. But you are the only one who can meet that special need that he has in his life for intimacy. You’re it. You’re the only one. So don’t forget that, that he needs you.” From there, Michelle goes on to suggest that as a man’s wife, one should not just be “available” to her husband, but “joyfully available,” even if she is exhausted, heavily pregnant or simply not in the mood. Really?!

It’s easy to see then why Anna would be so upset over post. While Michelle doesn’t come right out and name Anna, it seems to suggest that a lot of the blame for Josh’s cheating and porn addiction lies with her, which is something Anna is simply no longer standing for. And good for her!

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— Alyssa Montemurro 

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