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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: CW’s Musical Comedy Will Have You Hooked

Mon, October 12, 2015 10:40am EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment

Not sure if The CW’s new musical comedy is for you? Well trust me, it is. Not only is ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ relatable in every way, to any audience, but it’s also really funny — and Rachel Bloom is so incredible.

Rachel Bloom portrays Rebecca Bunch, a lawyer who decides to leave her successful NYC job to move to West Covina, California — where her ex-boyfriend, who she’s still in love with, lives. “He’s the solution to her happiness,” Rachel says of what Rebecca thinks when she makes the move. So, what exactly will be the vibe of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?

Ten years after being dumped by her camp boyfriend Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) for being too dramatic, Rebecca runs into him on the street. He had no clue she’d “turn out to be so successful and hot” — and with that, off to California she goes. She gives up the job of a lifetime for a man, but don’t expect this to be an all-about-the-boy show. It’s much more inspiring that that; she thinks the move will make her feel  better, but it kind of does the opposite.

“I think if you feed the monster, the monster gets bigger. And so moving to West Covina is definitely giving that monster some trail mix,” Rachel told “And I think as we go on, should the show get more seasons, you will see that monster grow and grow and grow.” With epic musical numbers from “extreme emotion” and well, hilarious one-liners, Rebecca’s hilarious craziness and reliability will get you hooked.

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“Often my craziness or my obsession was a reaction to the fact that I wasn’t happy in other aspects of my life, so I was using love as an escape and kind of getting addicted to it as a drug,” Rachel says of her own life. Also, she knows the connotation that comes across when people talk about “crazy” exes — and it’s not always the girl’s fault. “When an ex-boyfriend makes you crazy, it implies you’ve broken up. So it’s not [that] they’ve been a saint. They’ve broken up with you. A lot of times when someone says, ‘Oh, my crazy bitch ex,’ that guy’s been a douchebag in his own right and he just doesn’t realize it. So we’ll be exploring things like that.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premieres Oct. 12 at 8/7c on The CW, and yes, you’ll want to watch this.

— Emily Longeretta