‘Teresa Checks In’: Gia Giudice Bawls Her Eyes Out After Her Mom Sends Her Roses From Jail

It's Gia Giudice's 8th grade dance and her mom, Teresa, isn't able to be there. On the first episode of 'Teresa Checks In', we see how hard Joe and the girls are working to keep everything together while Teresa serves her jail sentence -- it's so heartbreaking. Joe Giudice, 43, is playing mom and dad while his wife Teresa Giudice, 43, is in prison and on Teresa Checks In, we see how great of a job he's doing -- it's so sweet! Teresa is managing to still help with what she can (from jail) and she was even able to send roses to her daughter Gia Giudice, 14, on the day of her 8th grade dance. Poor Gia couldn't hold it together when she received the present from her mom. Find out exactly what went down on this emotional episode.

Teresa Checks In
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Taking care of 4 daughters without his wife must be a hard feat, but Joe seems to be doing an amazing job. It’s 6 months into Teresa’s sentence, June 18, and life seems to be going on for the Giudice fam. Joe is such a cute dad, we see him making breakfast for the girls and making sure they are all ready for their day at school.

“He’s really stepped up,” Gia explained in the confessional. Joe also has help from his and Teresa’s family, which must be nice. Joe says he is trying his hardest to stay positive, as is Teresa who checks in with her family daily via phone and email. Teresa is basically at a “low-budget spa,” Joe explained. She gets to do yoga and spin classes, she gets unlimited emailing and 300 minutes of phone calls a month! Gia said her mom looks so much better and more positive every time they visit her. But while Teresa is holding up in her “spa,” her girls are having a hard time at home, specifically the oldest, Gia.

It’s the day of her 8th-grade dance and Gia feels so sad that her mom can’t be there. Gia was trying to be strong but when her mom called, she broke down in tears. So heartbreaking. Gia pulled it together and continued to get ready for her big night. Family and friends filled their house and Gia looked stunning in the most beautiful pink dress. Somehow, Teresa managed to send long stem, pink roses — how sweet?! When her dad handed her the roses, Gia broke down in tears again.

Later on that month, it was Gia’s 8th-grade graduation and she got two tickets, which were obviously meant for her mom and dad. She explained how much she wishes her mom could be there — we couldn’t imagine how hard this must be for the whole family. At the end of the episode, Joe and Teresa shared a late night phone call where they jokingly talked about phone sex. LOL. It’s cute how they can lighten up the situation!

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— Shira Benozilio

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