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‘The Walking Dead’: 5 Things To Know About The Insane Season 6 Premiere

Fri, October 9, 2015 9:30am EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment

Are you really ready for the season six premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’? Here’s five very important things to look for during the Oct. 11 episode!

On Sunday night Oct. 11, The Walking Dead kicks off a brand new season that promises to be filled with chaos. was able to watch the episode in advance, and without spoiling anything we can tell you these five fun facts about what to expect!

1.) Walker Overload

Expect to see a walker hoard unlike any other. Remember the episode where Abraham’s fire truck breaks down just a mile or short of a field full of walkers? Imagine that, except for the fact that these season 6 walkers are not dormant. They are eager, hungry, and desperate… and it is nothing short of terrifyingly brilliant.

2.) Expect Flashbacks

The premiere episode does not pick up exactly where the season 5 finale left off, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find out what happened after Rick shoots Pete in front of all of Alexandria — and Morgan. And don’t worry, you’ll know exactly when we’re going back to then… and when we come back to now.

3.) It’s The Most Dangerous Episode Ever

If you think you’ve seen the most intense, most heart racing moments of The Walking Dead in previous seasons, think again. Not only does the season 6 premiere hit the ground running, but it’s going at a pace that rivals the speed of light. You’ll be sitting so far on the edge of your seat as you watch this incredible hour of television that your back will hurt when it’s over.

4.) A Different Side Of Rick

We all know Sheriff Rick Grimes and we all know the leader of the Ricktatorship, but the season 6 premiere introduces a new Rick. A side of Rick that reveals underneath all of the figurative weight he carries around on his shoulders there is still a human being with a heart and a conscience. Maybe.

5.) What’s Going On With Carl?

If you’re a big fan of Carl — ahem, I mean Coral, obviously — don’t get your hopes up to see Sheriff Jr. kicking butt and taking names in the premiere episode. Although Carl is present in some scenes, he takes a serious back seat to what’s really going on with the rest of Alexandria. However, there is a very brief moment in which we find out that he may have not one, but TWO very interesting storyline arch’s in season six. And yes, one of those is with a girl.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Are you excited for the premiere episode? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox