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Jennifer Aniston: Fans Enraged Over Her ‘Snobby’ Emirates Airlines Ad

Fri, October 9, 2015 10:26pm EDT by Beth Shilliday 21 Comments

Jennifer Aniston is poking fun at her glamorous celebrity lifestyle in a new commercial for Emirates Airlines. But her attempt at humor — having a ‘nightmare’ where she didn’t get to fly in high class luxury — isn’t sitting well with many of her fans.

Jennifer Aniston, 46, is a gifted comedienne, but her new ad for super luxe Emirates Airlines has people claiming the mega-wealthy actress has totally lost touch with reality. After the ad debuted on YouTube Oct. 5, Jen has been getting slammed with claims she’s an elitist snob. Uh-oh, Jen, you may have just started a class war!

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In the commercial, Jennifer pokes fun at her high-end lifestyle, wandering around coach class looking for a shower. When she asks the flight attendants where it is, she gets laughed at for making the request. She then whines that Emirates planes “have showers and bars.” She’s told, “This isn’t an Emirates plane ma’am,” as the flight attendants continue laughing at her outlandish requests.

Jen then “wakes up” from her nightmare, tucked in bed in fluffy white sheets and peers out the airplane window, grateful that flying coach was just a bad dream. Later, she moans to the bartender — yes, those planes have bars — about how bad the nightmare was and how it was “nothing like this” while sipping on a cocktail. The actress was paid $5 million for the commercial, which adds to her estimated $150 million fortune.

After the ad dropped on YouTube, the claims of snobbery began. YouTube viewers left comments such as: “You could either buy a ticket for that rich-people-airplane or buy a new car outright or put a down payment on a house. Tough choice…NOT.” A first-class round trip ticket on Emirates from New York to Dubai costs around $25,000.

Other users commented: “We know a very tiny percentage of people get to live in luxury, but do we need to be reminded?” as well as, “Thank you for flying ‘First World Problems’ airlines.” Those are some of the milder comments. Many personally attacked Jennifer and one user even said, “I wanted that plane to crash by the end of that ad.” OUCH!  “Snobbiest ad ever. Talk about first world 1%’er problems,” another reader said.

But take heart, Jen, because a few people saw where you were going with this, as one commenter noted, “This is so over the top snobbish and entitled that it’s kind of funny.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Jen’s ad is funny or snobby?

— Beth Shilliday