Justin Bieber & Jayde Pierce Vacation Naked Together: Getting Selena Gomez Serious?

Justin Bieber was caught naked on vacation with Jayde Pierce in Bora Bora, so we couldn't help wondering if their relationship is as serious as his was with Selena Gomez. After all, they have to be pretty serious to be getting naked together -- right?! Here's what we know! Model Jayde Pierce is one lucky woman. The 20-year-old was pictured hanging out with Justin Bieber, 21, in a beachy bungalow in Bora Bora, while he paraded around naked! Does this mean their recently rekindled relationship is getting serious? We've got the scoop! To hear more about Justin Bieber, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

“Justin and Jayde are having an absolute blast on vacation. The water is the bluest/green they have ever seen, the food is amazing and their sex is sizzling. Justin and Jayde have an extremely passionate relationship. Their chemistry has always been red hot and he loves spending time with her. She loves just having fun and doesn’t bring the mood down getting too serious. It’s not surprising they got photographed nude, because they pretty much walk around naked all day. They swim, eat, drink, make love and then repeat. It’s the perfect way for Justin to relax before he comes home and has to seriously go to work with his album release,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Sounds exciting! But just because Justin got naked in front of Jayde, and vacationed with her, doesn’t mean he has feelings for her like he did for his ex, Selena Gomez.

“Although Justin really loves spending time with Jayde, he’s not looking for a serious relationship with her. It’s vacation and the tropics and they are having fun. He thinks she’s great, he just doesn’t have any of those ‘Selena’ type feelings for her. He’s not consumed with her yet — he’s just having a lot of fun,” the source adds.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Will Justin and Jayde go the distance? And does Justin look good naked? Vote in our poll and tell us how you feel!

— Chris Rogers, Reporting by Tim Plant

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