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Luke Gatti: 5 Facts About UConn Student Arrested For Freak Out Over Mac & Cheese

Wed, October 7, 2015 9:54am EDT by 6 Comments

A college freshman at the University of Connecticut is at the center of a viral video, after his drunken rant for macaroni and cheese turned violent and resulted in his arrest. Seriously. Here’s what you need to know about Luke Gatti, also known as the drunk mac and cheese kid.

This kid will never live this down. Nineteen-year-old, Luke Gatti, was desperately trying to procure some macaroni and cheese at an on-campus market on Oct. 4 at the University of Connecticut, where he is a student. As it is explained in this video, in which Luke verbally and then physically assaults the market’s staff, the teen had been visibly drinking inside the establishment, before he was asked to leave. What ensues is both hilarious and horrific. Watch the wild video, and then check out five facts about this hungry kid.

5. He is a New Yorker: Well, New Yorkers are notoriously serious about their food. Luke is originally from Bayville, Long Island in New York.

4. He Has a Violent History: The mac and cheese incident is not Luke’s first run in with law enforcement. Luke was arrested two times in two weeks in September, 2014 when he was attending the University of Massachusetts. His first arrest was for an alleged “temper tantrum” when police told him to move out of the street, according to Republic of Amherst. Two weeks later, he was arrested again for getting rowdy when police tried to break up a party.

3. He is Already Infamous: Though Luke’s epic fit went viral just days ago, its effects have already begun to take shape. A local pizza place has actually named a calzone after Luke. Any guesses what’s packed inside the dough-y goodness? Yup, macaroni and cheese, of course.

2. He is a Competitive Skier: This is actually very sad. Luke isn’t some burnout, but rather a devoted skier. He had been planning on joining UConn’s ski team, however, his name has now been understandably removed from the roster.

1. He Worked in a Kitchen Himself: No irony lost here. Prior to attending UConn, Luke worked inside the kitchen of a ski camp on Mount Hood in Oregon.

Luke is due in court this month. Do you think he deserved to be arrested for his behavior?

— Casey Mink