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‘iZombie’ Spoilers: David Anders On Blaine’s ‘Safe Sex’ & Relationship With Liv

Tue, October 6, 2015 12:09pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 1 Comment

Season two is FINALLY here — but things have definitely changed since we last saw the crew. With the newly cured Blaine and zombie-for-a-minute Major, things are definitely not easy for Liv, who’s pretty much alone now.

As for Blaine (David Anders), well he’s still adjusting to newly human life, and he’s still keeping that bleach blonde hair — but he has a good reason for it. Since we saw in iZombie season one, Blaine made a living off the brains he was getting; someone had to feed the zombies. And just because he’s no longer one, doesn’t mean they’ll go hungry.

 “For business purposes, he’s pretending he still walks among the dead, but it comes in a bottle of peroxide,” David told exclusively. “So he gets to enjoy the fruits of humanity, and he gets to enjoy tasting foods and not having to eat brains.” However, as he told us, he’s happy to be a human now. So, who will he befriend now that most of his friends are gone? Liv, right?

“They are going to have to put aside their rocky past and maybe they have a rocky future — you’ll see some teaming up between them,” David told us about Blaine and Liv (Rose McIver). “I don’t know about friendship, I don’t know if they’re going to knit each other friendship bracelets on long road trips. He killed her boyfriend, he’s responsible for her being a zombie.”

Could Blaine Get A Girlfriend?

We’ll also see both Blaine and Major (Robert Buckley) going through some “side effects” of being turned into a human. And we know Major’s not too thrilled with Liv, so maybe Blaine can be her new other half. “Liv and Blaine are going to be teammates, I can promise you that… and teammates don’t have to like each other.” Shop season 1 of iZombie here.

Lastly, we had to know if Blaine could get another kind of partner — mainly a romantic one. “We’re playing with that too, absolutely,” he said, adding that Blaine will probably prefer a human. “Blaine’s human now so I think he’d prefer to have safe sex with a non-zombie — the safer the better!” Good advice, David.

iZombie season two kicks off on The CW on Oct. 6 at 9PM.

— Emily Longeretta