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‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Travis Is Forced To Kill [SPOILER] In Season Finale

Sun, October 4, 2015 10:29pm EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments

In an emotional ending you will never see coming, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’s first season takes the life of one faithful survivor. But now we’re left wondering, who is Abigail?

On the Oct. 4 season one finale of Fear The Walking Dead, Travis (Cliff Curtis) will face one of the most painful moments of his life when he has to kill someone he loves dearly. But first, Madison (Kim Dickens) and Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) have to figure out how to save their families from the biggest herd of walkers the show has ever seen.

The season finale of FTWD opened with the most beautiful — yet totally terrifying — shot of a pitch black Los Angeles skyline. Aside from a few active fires and the moonlight, the city is nothing but a large black spot on the earth’s surface.

Thankfully, inside that black mass, Travis and Madison have realized that they need to GET OUT of there before it’s too late. Honestly, it could already be too late, but we won’t know that for a while. However, Daniel wants to kill Andrew now that he’s given them the information they need, but Travis refuses to let that happen. Andrew also proves he’s worthy of being alive because he knows the in’s and out’s of the compound where Liza, Nick and (RIP) Griselda are. But even after Travis packs Andrew up in the truck with him, the scared soldier is sure that Daniel is going to kill him the second he gets the chance. I can’t help but hope he’s wrong. Either way, Travis cuts him loose… and he’s gone.

In the hospital Dr. Exner is working on making sure she gets all of her patients — ahem, soldiers — are evacuated with them. Liza is questioning whether or not the soldiers are working on getting her son, Chris, from Madison’s house, but Dr. Exner doesn’t seem confident they will actually get the boy. But she needs Liza, so she continues to make her think there’s a chance not just for Chris but also for Travis. Unfortunately, Liza falls for it.

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When Daniel walks up to the compound guard, they aren’t sure whether or not he’s a walker. They threaten to shoot him, but he tells them to save their ammunition… and then a massive hoard of walkers appear behind him. The soldiers completely freak out and start shooting anything that moves, but there’s too many of them and they quickly take over the entire entrance to the compound. Daniel obviously let them out of the venue that Andrew led him to which is so brilliant. And totally dangerous. Is he like a walker whisperer or something?

It’s not until Daniel meets up with Travis and the group under the compound that he realizes Andrew is gone. He’s pissed, but there’s nothing he can do now because it’s time to go inside and find their family members. Travis leaves Chris and Alicia in his truck to fend for themselves telling them that if they are not back in thirty minutes to go without them. It’s insane, but it’s probably the only way to keep them alive.

Cobalt Evacuation Goes Very Wrong

Inside the compound Nick and his newfound friend are killing time until they can make a run for it. As we found out in the previous episode, the new guy has a key to the gate that’s keeping them locked up, and for whatever reason he’s chosen to take Nick along with him. Chances are he’s planning to use Nick as a human shield, but it doesn’t matter… at least Nick’s going to escape. As this is happening Dr. Exner watches the walker takeover from the roof with Liza and tells her the bad news: the helicopter hovering above now knows that they’ve been “compromised.” Dr. Exner practically begs for the helicopters to land and come get them, but they fly away shortly after telling her they are “assessing” the situation.

Once the helicopters are gone Dr. Exner tells her medical staff to leave by lying to them and telling them there’s transport waiting for them downstairs. Liza knows she’s lying and questions what is going to happen to the staff, the patients, and, of course, Chris… but Dr. Exner has no answers. She just tells her to go before it’s too late, and so Liza makes a run for it.

Meanwhile, Nick and Strand make it out of the cages unscathed. The rest of the people locked up in there? Well, they’re on their own.

Underneath the compound Nick and Chris are getting antsy. Everyone they have left is inside that building and they definitely aren’t helping by sitting inside the truck doing nothing. Then, suddenly, they see people walking towards them and hide in the front seat of the truck in hopes the walkers will just pass them by. Their only problem? They aren’t walkers… they are soldiers looking for a ride. The uniformed men drag both Chris and Alicia out of the truck and demand the keys, which Alicia gives them without a fight. However, when one of the solider’s tries to get hands-y with Alicia Chris quickly comes to her defense. Trying to protect Alicia leaves Chris face down on the pavement… with his step-sister staring down at him in horror.

It turns out there really are trucks waiting for people on the ground floor, and when Liza makes her way there she hesitates before hopping on the back of the truck. Is she really going to leave without going to find Chris? Well, no, she’s not.. because at that exact moment the hoard of walkers breaks through the fence and starts chowing down on soldiers. This brings us to one of the goriest deaths on the show… when a soldier runs head-first into a moving helicopter blade. How’s that for brain trauma to keep someone from coming back?

Believe it or not, Andrew really did tell Travis everything he needed to know about finding Nick, Liza, and (still dead) Griselda. When Madison and the group find their way into the fenced area where the military was keeping uninfected people locked up, Nick is already gone. Both Madison and Travis start letting people out, and that’s how they find out which way Nick and Strand went when they left.

Things aren’t going so great for Nick and Strand though, because they find themselves cornered against a secured door as a group of walkers aims straight for them. In one of the world’s biggest coincidences ever, Nick spots Madison and the group on the other side of the door. Neither side can seem to get the door open, and just as Nick tells Madison to make a run for it and leave him behind… Liza comes running down the hallway. She has an ID card that opens the door, and now not only are the all reunited… they are all running for their lives together.

Just when it seems as if they’ve found a safe place to hide, another group of walkers attacks them. It’s more or less like giving them a crash course in walker survival as they use anything and everything they can to fight off the dead. Somehow they all survive. Before they can go anywhere else Daniel corners Liza and asks where Griselda is. She’s forced to tell him that Griselda died because of septic shock after her surgery. He’s devastated, but Ofelia takes it even harder as she begs Liza to take her to the body. Liza tells her there’s “nothing left” of Griselda to see, and off they go to find a way out.

Everyone Is Reunited… But The Fight Isn’t Over

On their way out they have to go through the medical unit which is where Liza finds Dr. Exner finishing off the last of her patients. She gassed and shot them all, which was to be expected, sadly. Liza is horrified, but when Dr. Exner tells them of a safe exit she tries to convince the lost woman to come with them. Dr. Exner refuses, and as they leave her behind she loads the gun for one more shot: herself.

The good news? The group finally makes it back to the garage where the reunite with Chris and Alicia. Just as they get ready to go Andrew appears out of nowhere with a handgun pointed straight at Daniel. “Salazar!” is all he says before Ofelia intervenes and tries to get Andrew to put the gun down. Instead, Andrew shoots Ofelia. It’s Travis who completely loses it on Andrew, tackling him and hitting him over and over until he’s unrecognizable. Madison finally stops him and they decide to leave him for the walkers. Meanwhile I’m left asking myself why I was rooting for Andrew this whole time.

It turns out that Ofelia is perfectly fine. Well, sort of. Andrew shot her in the arm, so even though she’s injured she’s alive and there’s a chance she’ll make it. Even Liza says, “She can survive this.” The group drives to Strand’s gorgeous house on the hill where his generator is keeping things going, but we still don’t know who “Abigail” is or if she’s hiding in the house somewhere.

In a rare moment between Madison and Nick, she apologizes for letting him get taken by the military. He’s not upset about it though, and instead he laments on about how strange their lives have become. He tells Madison he never really knew where he was going, and now the world has finally caught up with the nightmare he’s been living his whole life. In reality, Nick is probably the most promising character on this series if only because he is so deeply messed up.

But, things aren’t all as perfect as they seem. Madison notices that something is up with Liza so she follows her out onto the beach which is where it’s revealed that the nurse has been infected. Somewhere during their quest for survival she was bitten on the abdomen, and now Liza knows it’s time to die before she hurts anyone else. She asks Madison to do it by repeating back to her the same words she once told Liza, “Don’t make Travis do it. It will break him.” Fair play, Liza. However, before Madison can go through with it Travis appears and they are forced to tell him what’s going on. He’s the one who takes the gun from Madison and then shoots Liza square in the forehead, which leads to him sobbing hysterically on the beach as Madison comforts him from behind.

The gunshot was heard by everyone though, and it doesn’t take long for Chris to find his mother’s body laying on the rocks near the beach.

Last but not least, shortly before Liza was killed Strand revealed to Nick that whoever Abigail is she’s on a massive yacht not too far from the shore. Or… Abigail IS the boat. As exciting as it is to know our survivors are ocean bound for season two, what does this mean for the action-packed episodes we’ve come to know and love? Also, can walkers swim? I guess we’ll find out!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What did YOU think of the first season of FTWD? Are you looking forward to season two? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox