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Tinder Unveils New ‘Super Like’ Feature: Let A Special Someone Know You’re Into Them

Thu, October 1, 2015 1:54pm EDT by 1 Comment

Tinder is upgrading y’all! The hugely popular dating app is now adding a Super Like button, which will allow you to let one person know you really like their profile. Let supermodels Erin Heatheron and Nina Agdal explain it!

The Super Like is extra special, because Tinder uses will only get one per day, so you need to swipe carefully! When you see one person on the site, who just really titillates your swipin’ thumb, you get to send them the extra shoutout, to let them know you’re really into it. Still don’t get it? Don’t worry– supermodel (and Tinder user!) Nina Agdal23, has starred in a trailer alongside Erin Heatherton26, explaining the app with a badass promo. Check it out!

“What’s great about the Super Like function is that it gives you even more control,” Nina, 23, told People. “You get to pick one extra-special person you really want to match with that day.” Nina also added that she thinks Tinder in general is just a cool resource for expanding your network. “It’s a great way to meet people that you may never have been able to before in any other context,” she says. “It gives you the power to choose who you want to talk to and meet.”

As the vid starts out, we see Nina at a diner, being approached by countless undesirable guys. They harass her until, finally, Erin interferes, clearing the dudes out and allowing for Nina’s Super Like to step in.

Now, if you think that just because Erin and Nina are supermodels, they don’t need dating apps, you are very wrong. In fact, Nina in particular is very excited about the prospect of the new feature!

Well, one thing is for sure: Nina will certainly be getting many a Super Like tossed her way!

Do you use Tinder? What do you think of the Super Like feature?

— Casey Mink