‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Recap: Jo Tells Dr. Drew He Doesn’t Need A Job To Support Son

During Part 1 of MTV’s reunion special for Teen Mom 2, Jenelle has a complete meltdown and walks off stage, not once, but twice! Also, Dr. Drew confronts Jo Rivera about not getting a job to support him and Kailyn's son, Isaac. The first part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion on Sept. 30, featured two massive blowouts from Jenelle Evans. One between her and ex-fiancee, Nathan Griffith, and the other between her and mom Barbara over custody of Jace.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap
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Kailyn Decides To Stop Asking Jo For More Money

The season left off with Kail and Jo struggling to come to an agreement about child support for their son Isaac. She told him that he needs to start paying more, but Jo says he doesn’t have the money. It later came out that real reason he doesn’t have the dough to fork over — he doesn’t have a job. Well, it’s not because he isn’t capable of getting one, it comes down to Jo actually feeling like he doesn’t entirely need one. So, on the reunion special, Dr. Drew brought this up in a discussion. Sadly, nothing was really resolved except that Jo got Kail to feel sorry for him, again. We learned that Kail stopped asking Jo for more money, because she didn’t feel like fighting with him anymore. 

We also learned that Jo only gets Isaac on the weekends, but thinks that is a good excuse as to way he won’t get a job.“I don’t buy it as why you’re not working,” Dr. Drew tells him. Jo in turn says a snarky comment, “Do I need to work?” Why yes Jo, you DO need to work to support not one, but two children now. Dr. Drew read our minds and stated, “They’re asking you for money, and I don’t understand how you afford not to if they need more help and it’s 20 days a month you’re available to work.” Jo then quickly tries to play the pity card and tells Kail, “I’ve never said that I’m not willing to help you.”

Jenelle Flips Out & Walks Off Stage Twice

Tonight was drama, drama, and more drama from everyone’s favorite cast member, Jenelle! It seems her and Nathan just can’t sit down and have a civil conversation without all mayhem breaking out. And then there’s the issues between Jenelle and her mom Barbara. Lets start off with her issues with ex-fiance, Nathan. As soon as he appeared on stage, he tells Jenelle, “You play the victim card to the T.” That’s all it took to set her off. She gets up and says she isn’t filming anymore and she’s “done” thanks to Nathan. Go figure. The crew chase after her backstage where she begins to cry. It isn’t until Nathan is forced to go after, that she comes back. Once they are properly sitting down like civilized adults, Dr. Drew drills them with questions. He asked them if they’ve seen a couple’s therapist and they admit only once or twice. Jenelle also revelas she suffers from depression and finds herself locking the doors to her bedroom and hiding out. Dr. Drew is obviously concerned and asks where baby Kaiser is during all of this. Her and Nathan both quickly say it only happens when he’s at daycare or sleeping. When Dr. Drew asks if there has been physical abuse between the couple, each deny and claim “the reports are bogus.” So, Dr. Drew again asks if there has been any violence other than the two “bogus reports” and both sit there awkwardly silent for more than 15 seconds. Clearly, there has been and it’s a big issue and they both need help ASAP.

As for Jenelle’s issues with Barbara, they don’t seem to be getting any better. Barbara still refuses to give up custody of Jace and tries to explain her case for the up-tenth time. The two go back and fourth until Babs tells her, “If my mother ever took a child off of me, I would’ve done everything in my power to get that kid back.” So, Jenelle angrily replies, “And what am I doing? What the hell am I doing right now?” while pounding her right fist into the palm of her left hand. She then throws a low dig at her mom and says, “Look at you. You work in a Walmart deli and I’m going to be a medical assistant saving peoples lives, while you serve people food.” She then rips her mic off, tells Nathan to get the f*** off of her and walks off stage.

HollywoodLifers — do you think Jenelle should start seeing a therapist? Should Jo get a job to help support his kids? Sound off below!

— Brittany King 

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