‘Are You The One?’ Recap: Everyone’s In Tears After Dramatic First Blackout

What would you do if you fell for someone, but found out that your perfect match was someone else? Well, it's about to happen to 20 people. The drama is just heating up on Are You The One? When Kiki and Devin try again at their relationship and find out they're not a perfect match, the whole house freaks out when they want to continue seeing each other. But they like each other and can't just turn off those feelings, right? Well, the house doesn't quite understand that. Until it happens to each one of them.

Are You The One No Matches
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That’s right, this week’s dates go to Melanie and TylerStacey and Hunter and Kiki and Devin. All of the couples connected during their date, especially Kiki and Devin and she seemed to completely forgive him for last week’s shenanigans.

The housemates voted to send in Devin and Kiki to the truth booth, and since they were convinced they were each other’s perfect matches, in they went, hand in hand — but they weren’t a match. Everyone was absolutely freaking out in the house, and Devin admitted that his “heart hurts.” Awww. They agreed they wanted to still be together because they had real feelings. Naturally, everyone was pissed… but they went to bed together anyway.

A lot of other sparks flew in the house too — Conner hit it off with Kayla, and revealed to her that he had a drug problem growing up. Chuck was all about Hannah, and they’re basically twins. Magic Mike AKA “filet mignon,” was still completely smitten by Amanda, regardless of the lap dances he gives to other girls.

The Match Up Ceremony Doesn’t Go So Well

During the match ups, Devin basically tells the house he’s going to keep seeing Kiki and that he’ll figure out away around the system. He also says he’s smarter than everyone else in the house, so basically, let’s be honest, he’s a complete douche. Here’s who picked who:

Hunter chooses Stacey
Austin chooses Kiki
Conner chooses Kayla
Nelson chooses Cheyenne
Mike chooses Amanda
Zac chooses Brittany
Devin (the most hated in the house) chooses Melanie
Tyler chooses Rashida
Alec chooses Chelsey
Chuck chooses Hannah

And the number of perfect matches was… NONE. Not only does that mean the group looses $250,000 — but a lot of people who really liked others found out they were not a match. Pretty much everyone was crying after that. And now, everyone’s in the same place they got mad at Kiki and Devin for being in. So, next week, we’ll see how all that plays out. Right now, I’m not really feeling bad for anyone — they totally all just went with the people that they thought were hot. Gosh!

— Emily Longeretta

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