Kim Zolciak: Why She Had A Stroke At 37 — Doctor Explains

Kim Zolciak was only 37, when she had a terrifying "mini stroke" after performing on Dancing With The Stars. While you may think the reality star is too young to be a stroke victim, spoke to an expert doctor, who explained why this happened to Kim. Thankfully Kim Zolciak, 37, is recovering after she suffered what is known as a mini stroke just hours after she performed with her partner Tony Dovolani on Dancing With The Stars.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta star had hopped on a plane from LA back to her hometown of Atlanta not long after competing, but after arriving back on the ground, she suddenly felt her left side go numb and she lost the ability to speak. How scary. She credits her daughter Brielle Biermann and boyfriend Slade Osborne for saving her life. Thankfully now she is recovering, but why would Kim -- a seemingly healthy 37 year old -- have been struck by a stroke? spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Dr. Bruce Lee, M.D. to get an explanation.

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Why Did Kim Zolciak Have A Stroke
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One of the scariest things about a mini stroke is that it can happen to anyone, according to Dr. Lee. “A TIA (transient ischemic attack – what a mini stroke is called in medical terms) can happen to very young people. People in their 20’s can suffer from mini-strokes. It depends on the cause,” Dr. Lee tells EXCLUSIVELY. “In general, age does increase the incident of a stroke or a mini stroke. However, Kim could have a pre-existing condition that causes her body to create blood clots. She could have had this condition for a very long time, and now at the age of 37 it’s finally surfacing.”

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The doctor went on to explain that a small blood clot that was transferred to the brain via a blood vessel could cause a TIA. Many TIA’s last about five minutes or less, according to Dr. Lee, and they don’t cause permanent damage. “People who have had TIAs are at a significantly higher risk of having a full-on stroke because they are forming blood clots for some reason,” Dr. Lee said. “Kim Zolciak needs to be given tests to determine if she’s prone to forming blood clots and if she is, she needs to be on a blood thinner medication.” Dr. Lee explained that blood clots can sometimes occur due to certain medications like birth control pills or could be caused by having a large fibroid tumor in her uteris.

Blood Clots Can Be Prevented — Dr. Lee Explains

Since Kim was sitting for a long period of time on her flight, the doctor suggests that could’ve contributed to her suffering a mini-stroke. “If a person is immobile for a long period of time, like Kim was on her flight from LA to Atlanta, a blood clot in her leg could have been formed,” the doctor continued. “The blood clot could have broken into pieces and a part traveled up to her brain. When traveling on an airplane, it is a standard recommendation for everyone to always get up and walk around every hour, to prevent such an occurrence.”

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— Michelle Phi, reporting by Sandra Clark