‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Premiere Recap: A New Chief Is Named & [SPOILER] Returns

Things seem to be getting back to normal on 'Grey's Anatomy'. In the season 12 premiere, Meredith adjusts to her new roommates, Maggie throws a punch, and Bailey stands her ground against a brand new character. Plus [SPOILER] makes a big return...and someone isn't too thrilled about it. Read our full recap! Things are put into perspective for the doctors on Grey's Anatomy, when two bullied teenagers are nearly killed after being hit by a train on the show's Season 12 premiere. In the episode, Bailey is fighting hard for the position she's always dreamed of, while Meredith is working on creating a new normal in her life without Derek. And one character's return in the final minutes left us all on the edge of our seats! Catch up with what went down in our recap!

Greys Anatomy Bailey Chief
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Right from the beginning of the episode Meredith promises us one thing: “Everything has changed.” She and Amelia are at odds now that they’re living together, with their third roommate, Maggie, stuck right in the middle. Even when they’re in surgery, Meredith and Amelia can’t put their differences aside, and are continuously arguing. Meanwhile, everybody can’t stop asking Jackson how he feels about April coming home, and after he made it clear at the end of Season 11 that he didn’t want her to go back overseas, he’s obviously not feelin’ any conversation about it.

But all the gossip is put to a halt when report of a horrific train accident comes in: Two girls were hit. Although one girl is alert and claims not to know the other, Callie discovers they both have the same heart tattoo drawn on their arms, and finally gets it out of her — they just wanted to be together “dead or alive.” A suicide pact, although she insists they didn’t want to kill themselves.

Callie gets the conscious teenager, Jess, to admit she and her friend, Aliyah, are in love. “It’s not that we wanted to die. This was just some way we could stay together forever,” she explains, revealing that her parents did NOT approve of the relationship and were trying to send her away to a camp to stop it. They even burned her box of sentimental notes from Aliyah! When Jess’ parents arrive at the hospital, Callie finds out just how judgmental they really are, particularly the mother, who rants in Callie’s face when she tries to explain how dangerous the camp she wants to send her daughter to is. Aliyah’s father, meanwhile, admits he had no clue the girls were romantically involved.

Per Catherine’s wishes, Richard brings in another candidate to compete for the Chief of Surgery position against Bailey…Dr. Tracy McConnell. Catherine immediately pushes Richard to go with Tracy who will “push” and “surprise” him. But Bailey is keeping tabs on what’s going on, making sure she’s always on Tracy and Richard’s heels as they tour the hospital. Tracy gets a chance to show what she’s made of when the trio stroll by Aliyah’s operating room with things going completely wrong. She tells a hesitant Meredith and co. what she thinks they should do, and miraculously, it works. Much to Bailey’s chagrin, of course.

Bailey eventually breaks down, gives up, and says she has no chance against Tracy, pulling herself out of the race — until her amazing husband, Ben, gives the best pep talk ever and pushes her through it. It gives her the strength to make a convincing case to Richard, and even Catherine seems to be on-board. Sorry, Tracy, you’ve got some real competition!

Back in the waiting room, Callie calls Child Protective Services on Jess’ parents, and naturally, the teenage girl’s mom freaks…but at Maggie. And after all the bullying she’s admitted to enduring in the past, Maggie isn’t letting this one go — and she totally rocks Jess’ mom right in the face! This leaves Jess’ dad to bond with Aliyah’s dad, who had just found out the doctors don’t know his daughter’s fate. In the most epic moment of the episode, he totally tells off his wife, and lets her know (forcefully) that he doesn’t care that his daughter his gay. BAM!

At the end of the episode, April finally returns, and she and Jackson have a pretty awkward encounter at the hospital before he urges her to sleep at home. Although she wants to talk things out, he doesn’t seem so open to it. Also in this episode: Arizona freaks out over finding a new roommate, and meets a new (SUPER HOT) male intern who wants to move in. The smile they shared is just enough for us to know this is going to lead to something interesting! Plus, Owen confides in Callie that he wants to ask Amelia out, and the episode concludes with them totally making out on her porch – WHAT?! But they’re interrupted by Maggie, who urges Meredith and Amelia to work things out — and all is well again!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s episode?!

— Alyssa Norwin

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