What Makeup To Wear On A First Date — Expert Dating Tips

A first date can be super stressful. What should you wear? How should you style your hair? What should your makeup look say about your personality? Famed matchmaker Patti Stanger is sharing her top tips below! Dating is hard, bottom line. We needed to bring out the big guns on this one, so we chatted with Patti Stanger EXCLUSIVELY to see what she had to say about beauty on the first date and beyond!

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Dating Tips For Women
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Before meeting the guy — who could be the one, you never know — be sure to:

“Avoid overly made up makeup — “cake face” — men will run for the hills. Men like the fresh faced girl next door as opposed to the over done camera-ready divas. Also, blue eye shadow? Can you say 1965? And overly bushy eyebrows don’t get the guy. Wax, wax, wax!”

And in true Patti form, she didn’t censor her tips!

“Never ever go out of the house without a perfectly “Completely Bare” cooch, because you never know when you’re going to get lucky. Just make sure you get monogamy first. Freshly manicured nails, moisturizer, a great lip gloss that gives the perfect pout, eye drops to brighten the eyes, a hint of bronzing powder and mascara and every man will swoon over you!”

Dating Tips For Women — Makeup Must-Haves From Patti Stanger

Patti says there are a few must-haves to always carry in your purse:

“Definitely our Completely Bare Wax on the Go-Go Travel Wax Kit because you never know when you’re going to need it. Lip gloss for sure and a great fragrance that can double as a deodorant. Make sure the fragrance is not too grandma and has a citrus vanilla scent — you never know when you’ll need to snag a millionaire.

Overly chemical fragrances tend to get into the room before you do! Studies have shown men respond very quickly to hints of vanilla, pumpkin pie and citrus.”

Luckily, it’s pumpkin season! Now, make a date to get Pumpkin Spice Lattes ASAP!

— Dory Larrabee-Zayas