Bobbi Kristina Death Photo Sold For Over $100,000 — Shocking Report

The Houston and Brown families worst fears have reportedly come true -- a photo of Bobbi Kristina lying in her casket has been sold to a media outlet. So disturbing. A photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown's dead body was reportedly shopped around to media outlets -- and sold for more than $100,000. The pic was allegedly taken during Bobbi's wake, which took place one day before the funeral in Alpharetta, Georgia on Aug. 1.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Casket Photo
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As if the Houston and Brown families aren’t already dealing with enough following Bobbi’s tragic death on July 26, there’s now a new source of tension between the feuding relatives. Both sides of Bobbi’s famous family are reportedly blaming one another for leaking the picture, according to TMZ.

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Security was beefed up for the wake and funeral, but the site reports that someone managed to sneakily snap the disturbing photograph, and has sold it to a media outlet for more than $100,000. Sadly, the Brown family was worried something like this would happen, especially after someone sold a coffin photo of Bobbi’s mom, Whitney Houstonto the National Enquirer when she died in 2012…and it ended up on the magazine’s cover. There’s never been confirmed proof of who took said picture, but the Browns are convinced it was someone in the Houston family.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the drama between Bobbi’s warring family members. Leolah Brown was allegedly kicked out of the Aug. 1 funeral service after she screamed at Pat Houston. While Pat was giving her eulogy, Leolah yelled out, “Pat you know you are wrong for this!” TMZ claims, at which point she was immediately escorted from the church by security and Houston family friend, Tyler Perry. Once outside, Leolah reportedly continued, “Whitney Houston will haunt Pat Houston from the grave. It’s not over. We’ve got evidence of who Pat really is, this is going to be a long drawn out process. Things are connected. Pat is a fraud and a phony.”

Following the wake and funeral, Bobbi’s body was sent to New Jersey, and a gold hearse arrived at the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark in the early morning. Bobbi will be buried beside her mother in Fairview Cemetery.

HollywoodLifers, do you think a member of the Houston or Brown family actually sold a photo of Bobbi in her casket?

— Alyssa Norwin