Miranda Lambert: Bombshell Claims She Cheated With 5 Men During Blake Shelton Marriage

Miranda Lambert has been dealing with cheating accusations ever since she and Blake Shelton got a divorce. A new report is claiming the country singer didn't cheat on Blake with just one, but FIVE men throughout their long relationship. Cheating with five different men in four years is a little excessive, but that is exactly what this report is claiming Miranda Lambert, 31, did. The country singer allegedly slept around with at least five men during her relationship with Blake Shelton, 39, and the details about her infidelity have been revealed. To hear more about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

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Ever since their divorce, there have been multiple claims saying Miranda cheated on Blake, and this one is no different. Star magazine is reporting that a source close to Miranda’s inner circle revealed the singer had affairs with at least five men ever since her relationship with Blake began. “Miranda’s secret double life is the reason Blake abruptly ended the marriage,” the insider revealed. “It wasn’t the fairytale they portrayed.” Apparently the start of these alleged affairs began with Blake’s best friend, Jamey Johnson, 40. Miranda reportedly cheated on her ex-husband with his best friend in 2007, the same time she and Blake became inseparable. However, Jamey isn’t the only person Star is naming as one of the men Miranda cheated with.

The insider revealed to the magazine that Miranda’s most intense affair after Jamey was with Major League Baseball player Josh Beckett, 35. She reportedly kept in touch with Josh for many years and the MLB player was supposedly head over heels in love with Miranda. “He [Josh] did not want to be her side piece,” the insider said. “The truth is, Josh was Miranda’s other real love. She wanted to leave Blake for him. But her management urged her not to.” Once her time with Josh was over, the report named Chris Young, 30, as the next man on her cheating list. However, the singer denied the allegations on Twitter. After Chris, the insider alleges there were two more men she cheated on Blake with. Both lovers worked for her and one of them was married.

Blake Reportedly Found Miranda In The Arms Of Another Man

It was only a matter of time before Miranda would get caught. Blake was reportedly suspicious of Miranda’s behavior so he turned to a private investigator for help, reports Star. “He hired a private investigator, who determined she was hooking up with an employee, and Blake flew to one of her shows to confront” the employee, a source told Star. “He caught her hugging this man, and they were forced to admit everything. It was obvious what was going on.”

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Did the country singer cheat on her husband with five different men?

— Michelle Phi

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