Ariana Grande Upset Over Donut-Gate Apology Fail, Cancelled Concert & More

Who knew that so much damage could be done by donuts? Ariana has cancelled her MLB All-Star concert, upset her fans and tarnished her image, all thanks to 'Donut-Gate.' Yikes! Now, has the scoop on how the scandal has really upset Ariana and how she hates all the stress it’s caused her! Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss and a lick is just a lick. In this case, Ariana Grande, 22, licking a donut and making Anti-America remarks has landed the "Problem" singer in more trouble than she can handle! Though she’s apologized, it hasn’t made the scandal go away, and has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the fallout from “Donut-Gate” is really causing Ariana a huge headache!

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Maybe next time, she’ll just order in? Ariana has since apologized for the July 4 incident where she licked some donuts and said “I hate Americans. I hate America” while at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California. While Ariana initially thought the “Donut-Gate” outrage went overboard, her fans certainly didn’t think so! She even apologized not just once, but twice, and has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the whole ordeal has taken its toll on Ariana.

“She hates the fallout,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells, adding that she also hates how the footage exposed “her diva behavior.” She also is upset at “all the apologies she has to do [and] missing out on the All-Star game,” said the source.

Ariana was scheduled to perform on July 11 at the Major League Baseball’s All-Star game in Cincinnati, but she pulled out to emergency dental surgery, reports SB Nation. Whether she really needed to get her final three wisdom teeth out or if she needed to lay low for a while, the insider tells that Donut-Gate has “put a strain on her” and “she hopes it goes away by the end of the weekend.”

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Ariana Grande Licking Donuts: Facing Charges For Cross Contamination?

This scandal might not go away in a weekend if Ariana faces criminal charges over licking, and replacing, those donuts. Former federal prosecutor, Raul Felder, EXCLUSIVELY told that Ariana could be charged with “cross contamination,” and that “In ever state, it’s a violation of health code and the store could be in deep trouble. If [the licking] was willfully done with the idea of leaving it in a place where other people could take it, [it] is probably a criminal violation.”

Do you think “Donut-Gate” will quietly go away, HollywoodLifers? Or is Ariana’s headache just beginning?

— Jason Brow, Russ Weakland reporting