‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Tracy’s Rampage Comes To A Bloody End

The July 6 episode of 'Teen Wolf' was wild. Tracy went totally AWOL, and Scott and the crew were desperate to hunt her down. By the episode's end, several lives were left in jeopardy. Holy nuts. With each passing episode, season five of Teen Wolf gets crazier and a million times more terrifying. On the July 6 episode, the Doctors used Tracy (Kelsey Chow) to wreak havoc on Beacon Hills, Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) had a date with a familiar face, Malia (Shelley Hennig) stepped up and more than one character was left in serious danger after Tracy's rampage.

Sheriff Stilinski had a date, and Scott and Stiles were anxious to find out who the lucky lady was. (Ahem, it better be Mama McCall.) Sadly, the Sheriff wasn’t revealing any details. As he was making his way out, he crossed paths with Donovan. The troubled teen threatened to kill Sheriff Stilinski. As in, saying he would find a knife and stab him to death.

Scott noticed something peculiar about Donovan, while Stiles thought he put on a really good show. Things were about to get intense. As Donovan was being transported to jail by a police van, the driver started having a heart attack (or so we thought). His whole body went numb. When the car came to a halting stop, Tracy made her presence known. The officer tried to shoot her down, but she slaughtered him and went after her own father. 

Donovan ran off, but he didn’t make it too far. The Dread Doctors found him and put some crazy drill in his ear. Seriously, it was so horrifying. His eyes went black.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Kira were teaching Malia how to drive. Suddenly, they were at the police van. They found Tracy’s dad and called the police. Sheriff Stilinski thought this could have been solely Donovan’s doing and sent Scott to track his scent. He found him pretty quickly and all Donovan could mutter was “Tracy.” The shady new guy, Theo, was watching from afar. Later, when Sheriff Stilinski tried to talk to him, Donovan kept hearing strange voices. Tracy was still on a warpath — she killed her psychiatrist, too.

‘They’re Coming For All Of Us’

Mason was finally inducted into the Beacon Hills inner circle after learning Liam’s secret. He was freaking out about all his supernatural friends. But the gang had work to do. They had to figure out how to handle Tracy. While Malia thought it was best to just put her down, Scott opted to wait and decide what to do later.

In addition to this major problem, the kids still had school. Just as Scott was about to kick off AP biology class, sweet baby Liam needed him. He used his wolf senses to tell Scott that Tracy was in class. (Theo overheard this, too. #Eavesdropper.) Liam pulled the fire alarm before Tracy could do any real damage. When Scott and the others tried to talk her down, she thought she was seeing the Dread Doctors. Yikes.

“They’re coming for all of us,” Tracy said, and the Teen Wolf fandom collectively started freaking out just a little. This strange silver liquid, which Deaton later thought was mercury, came out of her mouth like blood. Scott carried her out of the school and straight to Deaton. For protective measures, Deaton sealed his examine room off with mountain ash. They needed all the protection they could get. When Deaton tried cutting into her skin, nothing happened. He took a look at her back, and her spine was literally moving. Geez. This episode was disgusting. She turned out to be a kanima — thinking of you, Jackson — and attacked Scott, Deaton, Stiles and Malia before bolting.

None of them could move. Malia was the first to heal and headed out to find Tracy. Stiles was so cute and so worried. He wanted her to wait for the rest of them. But time couldn’t be wasted. Go, Malia, go! Theo showed up to help the guys. He wanted Scott to let him help. He didn’t need to be in his pack to do so. Gosh, I want Theo to be good so badly!

Malia Takes Control

Since Liam wasn’t with Scott and the crew, he had yet to find out Tracy wasn’t a werewolf. He was investigating with Mason and went to Brett for help. She wasn’t a part of Satomi’s pack, but Liam noticed something very interesting in Tracy’s school photo — the necklace she was wearing was the same one he’d found in that hole while stalking Theo. When they went back to the hole, they discovered she didn’t fall, she had been buried.

Lydia and Kira were busy exploring Tracy’s room. Lydia put it all together that Tracy was having a night terror. She might not know she’s really awake. She also realized Tracy was after her mom, who was going out with Sheriff Stilinski! The Sheriff and Mrs. Martin couldn’t even make it out of the police station before Tracy showed up. Thankfully, Kira and Lydia arrived to save the day.

Tracy and Kira went face-to-face. Lydia was badly injured during the fight, but Kira managed to cut off Tracy’s tail. Kira looked engulfed in some type of supernatural flame. She was a total badass. However, Lydia wasn’t doing too hot. But she made sure to tell Malia to convince Tracy she wasn’t dreaming. Malia went down into the basement to find Tracy and Lydia’s mom. Tracy and Malia fought, with Malia nearly killing her. Unfortunately for Tracy, things just got worse. The Dread Doctors showed up and really killed her. Malia watched the whole thing go down and caught her first glimpse of the Doctors.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Teen Wolf? Is Lydia’s mom going to make it? What do you think Theo’s deal is? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson

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