‘Bachelorette’ Recap: Kaitlyn Finally Tells Shawn About Sex With ‘The Other Guy’

Virgin talk with one and sex talk with another? That's what went down this week on 'The Bachelorette.' And then the fantasy dates began... With Shawn Booth needing more more reassurance and Nick well, not getting enough time, the claws were out from the beginning this week. It was time for Kaitlyn Bristowe to finally sit down with Shawn and tell the truth: she had sex, and he could either deal with it or leave.

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

I’m going to get right to the point here: Kaitlyn enjoyed a nice, simple, one-on-one date with Ben H. — she said “husband material” a lot, and asked if he was a virgin since he felt the overnight date could be used for much more than a physical connection. But it was the 3-1 date that saw the action. 

Enemies Shawn and Nick had both already show Kaitlyn how they felt — they were falling in love. So it was Joe‘s 1-1 time that was so uncomfortable. He told Kaitlyn he loved her (“I love you babe!”), and she broke his heart by saying she didn’t feel the same — she also wasn’t happy that he didn’t really feel like hugging after she sent him home. (Flashback to when Chris Soules sent her home and she couldn’t even look at him.)

Now to the good stuff: Kaitlyn got more time with Shawn to tell him about hooking up with Nick. So, she finally did say the words: “it’s hard for me to admit it, but we had sex.” Honestly, major props to her for being honest when really, she didn’t have to be and props to him for keeping it together. He excused himself to gather his thoughts, then told her she was worth it so he’d move past it! Mature, man!

‘Make Sure You Find The Man Of Your Dreams’

After Kaitlyn’s confession, Shawn went in to the rose ceremony “wanting to want a rose.” With that, in they went: Jared, Ben, Shawn and Nick were informed that there would be no talking with her before the ceremony: her mind was made up. Jared hadn’t seen her in four days, so he clearly wasn’t happy. 

Kaitlyn called Shawn’s name first — but before he could say yes or no, he pulled her aside for a dramatic talk, and more reassurance (big surprise there!). Ultimately, he accepted. Next up was Ben, followed by . . . Nick. That means she had to say goodbye to Jared, and honestly, I choked up at the one. Even when she walked him out, he offered her his jacket! Can he just be the next Bachelor, already?

Eskimo Brother Talk On Overnight Dates

The episode moved quickly next to Nick’s overnight: they went to church to prove they had a “spiritual” connection and not just physical, then went to a pub. However, when they went back to chat, Nick threw Shawn under the bus. Apparently Shawn talks about his “eskimo brother.” Yes, I had to look it up too, and it means someone who slept with the same girl he did. Class-y.

My favorite part of the night was probably Nick saying “I can do this wherever” when Kaitlyn pulled a prank and pretended they were sleeping in a jail cell. What a funny girl. That was followed up with him saying “Let’s do this” in the actual suite. Basically, he’s a CATCH. Oh, and they had bacon in the morning which means the night went really well.

The episode ended Shawn showing up at Nick’s door — yes, he finally said his name when asking for his room number! Nick, you’re officially not only “the other guy.” Anyways, Shawn went off on Nick, basically having a girlfight. And it was to be continued…tumblr_mfp8u7Xvd31ql5yr7o3_250

— Emily Longeretta

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