‘AGT’ Week 6: Heavenly Joy, 5, Steals The Show With Adorable ‘Frozen’ Performance

'AGT' introduced us to a whole new set of exciting talent on week 6 of auditions. The most impressive, however? A 5-year-old singer by the name of Heavenly Joy, whose performance was, well, heavenly. In all their seasons of judging America's Got Talent, Heidi Klum, 41, Mel B, 39, Howard Stern, 61, and Howie Mandel, 59, have never met an act quite like little Heavenly Joy. The kindergartener stopped the show as she sang her way through an adorably spectacular rendition of "In Summer" from Disney's mega-hit, Frozen. Also a mega-hit? Heavenly, herself!

When Heavenly first took the AGT stage, we only knew one thing — that this girl was so stinkin’ cute. But we never expected her insane amount of stage presence and her devastatingly impressive singing voice. Both were made apparent when she began to belt out “In Summer,” serving major sass and killer confidence. Oh, and a few shuffle-ball-changes for good measure.

While it all would have definitely been Elsa and Anna approved, Heavenly got the affirmation she was really looking for when she recieved four yeses from the judges. “Kid, you’re going places. I’m telling you,” an astounded Howard told her. “When I was young, I used to watch Shirley Temple movies on TV. I think Shirley Temple is living somewhere inside of you.” While Heavenly totally caught his drift, she corrected him: “Not Shirley Temple. Jesus!” Amen, sista. We can’t wait to see what this youngster does next.

Other acts that wowed? Well, there was Mountain Faith, a co-ed bluegrass band who knocked the socks off all four judges — even Howard who detests any and all country music. Playing an energetic version of One Republic‘s “Counting Stars,” the musicians made it to the next round with a unanimous “YES.” Speaking for all of us, Mr. Stern graciously told them: “You know how to contemporize bluegrass so we son’t have to jump off a cliff.” Well said.

Next up: 15-year-old Leo Lytel, a standup comic who left us in stitches after a hilarious set of jokes. Bringing us back to our own awkward teenage years, Leo inspired major amounts of laughter when he said, “I’m a mutant creature. Part adult. Part child.” Howie ate it up, raving: “Being 15 is hard for anybody, but you have a comfort in your awkwardness. I loved everything you did. You’re going to be a superstar talent!” Leo’s monologue resonated with the rest of the judges, too. He got four thumbs-ups to move on in the competition.

While the aforementioned performers stood out above the rest, there were some other notable competitors on tonight’s show as well. Among them: Wild West Express, a band of horseback riding gymnasts, Trizzy D, a man who broke the world record for the amount of watermelons (45!) one could smash in 60 seconds just using their head and Greg Roe, a daredevil who expertly landed an acrobatic free fall from 18 stories above ground.

One number that unfortunately fell flat? The Godfrey Clan, who took turns riding down an oversized slip ‘n slide before leaping through a ring of fire. Seemed really cool until Howie dropped a truth bomb, saying, “That looked like the most fun you could ever have, but we’re looking for things you wanna watch, not things you wanna do.” Better luck next time, guys!

HollywoodLifers — what did YOU think of tonight’s episode of AGT? Let us know who your favorite act was!

— Evan Real

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