Ali Krieger: USA Women’s World Cup Star Poses Naked For ‘ESPN’ Magazine

The United States Women's Soccer team is doing more than just owning it on the field! As the 2015 FIFA World Cup heats up, U.S. defender, Ali Krieger, is taking things to a whole different level by stripping down completely naked for 'ESPN' Magazine. Check it out! She's already a kick-ass soccer player, but should Ali Krieger, 30, a defender on the United States Women's World Cup team, add model to her resume, too? The killer athlete is holding nothing back by posing totally nude for ESPN Magazine's 2015 Body issue...and it's super hot!

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Ali Krieger Naked
Image Credit: Image Courtesy of Williams + Hirakawa

For the shoot, Ali shows off her profile while standing in the middle of a dusty road and resting her foot on (what else!) a soccer ball. While she carefully covers up any unmentionables, there’s definitely still a lot to see from the 30-year-old’s muscular physique.

“I’m proud of my body, I’m proud of my sport,” she admitted to the magazine. “I’m proud of being a female athlete. Being naked is just another aspect of that. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s honest.” But no matter how confident she is, there’s still some body parts that Ali gets self conscious of every once in a while.

“[My calves] are so big. I don’t really even like them. I don’t really want them as big as they are, but I have no choice,” she explained. “In college, girls could come up to me: ‘I want your calves.’ It just makes me laugh. I guess people pay a lot of money to have the types of bodies athletes have.”

Right now, Ali is focused on killing it with her team in the FIFA World Cup. After two huge wins and one tie, the ladies have advanced to the Quarterfinals, and will take on China on June 26. But once her time on the field is up, Ali has bigger plans for her future. “I want to have another job, whether that be in the broadcasting or commentating world or event planning, everything,” she gushed. “I’ve been passionate about football for so long. I hope I can be just as passionate about something else and be good at it.”

Yeah, we have absolutely NO doubt that she’ll be able to do whatever she puts her mind to! Tell us, HollywoodLifers: What do you think of Ali’s naked shoot?

— Alyssa Norwin