Harry Styles Shows Love For Louis Tomlinson By Wearing Flag Of Iconic ‘Larry’ Tweet

Larry fans -- this one's for you! You know that 'Always In My Heart' tweet that Louis Tomlinson sent Harry Styles back in 2011? Well, a fan printed it on the back of a flag, threw it on stage during a concert and Harry totally wore it as a cape on stage! Our hearts could literally burst from joy at this moment! Harry Style, 21, did something we will never forget during a One Direction concert in Sweden on June 23. Standing tall, hair blowing in the wind, smile on his face, Mr. Styles picked up the flag, which had our favorite "Larry" tweet printed on the back, and draped it around his shoulders -- and there is a video of the whole thing!

Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Tweet
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Vine

In case you are a little lost as to why this is a HUGE deal, let us break it down for ya. In 2011, this happened:

Since then, it has become the most retweeted tweet in all of history, for obvious reasons. Larry shippers love that tweet so much that they bring posters of it to concerts all the time! And the fact that Harry waved around a flag with the tweet printed on it in the middle of a concert is a BIG deal to us Larry lovers (even if Harry may or may not have realized that the tweet was printed on the flag when he picked it up).

We are totally with this tweeter! HollywoodLifers, what do you think? Did you love the video of Harry wearing the flag? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

— Shira Benozilio 

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