Rob Kardashian Devastated Over Former Roommate Jamie Sangouthai’s Death

How sad. Jamie Sangouthai’s sudden death has left his best friend, Lamar Odom, an emotional wreck. Now, has the scoop on how Rob Kardashian is also completely ‘crushed’ by the news of his former roommate's passing. The family and friends of Jamie Sangouthai are still reeling from his tragic death on June 14. As Lamar Odom, 35, and Khloe Kardashian, 30, mourn the loss of their close friend, has EXCLUSIVELY learned how Rob Kardashian, 28, was also close with Jamie and how his death has Rob "freaking out."

rob kardashian jamie sangouthai death
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“Rob was crushed when he heard the news about Jamie,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells “He got pretty close with [Jamie] when Lamar first hooked up with Khloe, and [the two] remained [close] ever since.”

Rob and Jamie were even “living together for a while,” sources tell, and that the two, along with Lamar, “would spend night after night…playing video games, goofing around trying to make rap songs and getting into trouble.”

Unfortunately, the trouble got the better of Jamie. On June 14, he lost his life to Fasciitis and Chronic Intravenous Narcotism. He was only 37 years old. In basic terms, Jamie died from a horrifying flesh and muscle eating disease associated with drug use, what Dr. Marc Kayem told EXCLUSIVELY called an “aggressive infection that kills as many as 50% of people who get it.”

Rob, like Jamie, has battled his own demons in the past few years — with Rob personally struggling with depression and body issues. Seeing someone close to him lose their battle, sources tell, “is really freaking Rob out.”

Lamar Odom Is Crying His Eyes Out Over BFF Jamie Sangouthai’s Death

Rob’s not the only one feeling “crushed” by Jamie’s death. His best friend, Lamar Odom, is “beating himself up” over Jamie’s death and has been an emotional mess over his friends’ passing. “Lamar can’t talk without bawling his eyes out. He’s been crying all night and day. It’s so, so sad,” and source EXCLUSIVELY told

We continue to wish for the best to all of Jamie’s friends and family during this time of loss.

— Jason Brow, Tim Plant reporting

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