Rachel McAdams: ‘True Detective’ Star In Love Triangle With Colin Farrell & Taylor Kitsch

Rachel McAdams must have loved going to work. The 'True Detective' star is allegedly juggling two separate romances with her co-stars, Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch, a new report claims. Apparently, they were 'fighting over her all the time' on the set of their show. Rachel McAdams, 36, has dated her co-stars in the past -- who can forget her hot romance with the Notebook's Ryan Gosling -- and now, history seems to be repeating itself. The True Detective star is allegedly involved in a love triangle with Colin Farrell, 39, and Taylor Kitsch, 34.

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Rachel McAdams Colin Farrell Taylor Kitsch Love Triangle
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“[Colin and Taylor] were fighting over her all the time [while filming True Detective],” a source told Life & Style magazine. “One would invite her out to dinner and the other would get jealous, and vice versa. It was like they were in high school!” Filming on the second season of True Detective has already wrapped, but “they both still have a huge crush on her,” the source added.

We’re so insanely jealous. Could you imagine having Colin and Taylor fighting over you?! Life must be so hard for Rachel. Eventually, though, she’s going to have to choose between the two — that is, if she actually has feelings for them. And that is a decision we’d never want to make. They’re both so hot. We couldn’t imagine picking one over the other.

‘True Detective’ Trailer: Rachel McAdams Shows Violent Side In Season 2

And speaking of True Detective, which all three actors will star in, it looks like the second season is going to be insanely intense and super dark. In the trailer, Rachel repeatedly stabs a huge wooden block with a knife, Colin oozes sex appeal and Taylor just looks hot. We’re so excited — but now as we watch, we’re going to keep a close eye on the chemistry between Rachel and her co-stars.

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— Chris Rogers


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