Adam Scott Reveals He Wore A ‘Small’ Prosthetic Penis In ‘The Overnight’ — Watch

Sure, Adam Scott. "Prosthetic." In his new film 'The Overnight,' Adam showed more than he ever has before-- and he's spilling the deets on the "small" penis he had to wear! On the June 16 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam Scott got, um, intimate. In his new film The Overnight, which will hit theaters on June 19, Adam had to bare it all-- well almost all. For plot-related reasons which we will not go into at length here, Adam had to wear a small penis for several scenes. Of course, he discussed with Jimmy Kimmel what it was like walking around a film set wearing a fake peepee, and what he had to say might surprise you (but it will definitely make you laugh).

Jason Schwartzman and I were nude for a good two days,” Adam said of he and his costar. Weirdly, the crowd erupted into cheers.

Adam begins to explain the film, which is about Adam and his wife (played by Taylor Schilling) venturing into the activity of couples swinging. It all starts with a dinner party. “Like any good dinner party,” Adam says, “the two dudes pull out their penises.” Right. Like any good dinner party.

“We had these prosthetic penises that we had to attach to our bodies,” he continued. “In the movie, Jason has an enormous dong and I have a very small dong.” You can see where this is going right?

“And in real life, the opposite is true,” Jimmy says. Obviously, Adam assures him he is correct, to which the crowd again bursts into cheers, probably even more wildly than the first time. People are weird.

Funnily enough, Adam took on double duty in the film, as both star and producer, meaning pretty much ran the show. Jimmy asked him the obvious question: why would he decide to have his character be the one with the little one? “I have been asking myself that question now for a full year,” Adam responded.

Are you excited to see The Overnight?

— Casey Mink

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