‘Jurassic World’ Shocker: Was Chris Pratt’s Character In The 1993 Original?

Okay this is awesome-- if it's true, that is. Fans have come up with a crazy theory that Chris Pratt's 'Jurassic World' character was actually in the original 'Jurassic Park' movie! At long last, Jurassic World hit theaters on June 12 and, naturally, audiences have been going pretty crazy. Furthermore, thanks to this thing called the internet, fans of the film, as well as the original Jurassic Park, have been madly theorizing about star Chris Pratt and whether his character may have actually appeared in the 1993 film. Now, a theory has made its way around-- and it will potentially blow your dino-lovin' mind!

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Remember “Volunteer Boy?” Well,  Volunteer Boy is about to make your head explode with awesomeness.

That annoying preteen made a memorable impression in Jurassic Park, volunteering for Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) at his dig site. The abrasive kid made the bold claim that raptors are just “6-foot turkeys” and aren’t worth fearing.

Well, Grant was sure to put the kid in his place, explaining in detail how raptors hunt and kill their prey and, well, let’s just say he proved his point. Finally, Grant tells the boy to “show a little respect.”

Volunteer Boy may have taken that command very, very seriously. Fans are suggesting that the lad actually grew up to be Owen (Chris’s character in Jurassic World), who of course ends up taking a position at Jurassic World, tending to the dinosaurs. The golden ticket comes with this astute observation: Owen mentions at one point that his relationship with the dinosaurs is “a relationship based on respect.”

However, while Chris and the actor who played Volunteer Boy, Whit Hertford, are only one year apart thus further proving the theory, Whit himself denies it. Taking to Twitter on June 10, Whit wrote, “for the record, @prattprattpratt is not playing a grown up version of my character in @JurassicWorld. That role is mine, dammit!”

Okay, well, even though we have some doubt, we will let Whit hold onto what is his, until proven otherwise!

Do you guys think that Owen is the grownup Volunteer Boy?

— Casey Mink

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