Holly Madison Wanted A Baby With Hugh Hefner So ‘Other Girlfriends’ Would Go Away

Wow. In her new book, Holly Madison admits that she wanted Hugh Hefner to get her pregnant, so she could have him all to herself. She confesses that competition with his other girlfriends was so fierce that it almost drove her to have a baby with him. Holly Madison, 35, tells all in her new book, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, including the lengths she was willing to go to win Hugh Hefner's, 89, affections, and pull him away from the other bunnies. The reality TV star says was ready to have a child with the Playboy founder just so she could have him all to herself. So scandalous!

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Apparently, the competition for Hef’s attention was so fierce that Holly considered having a baby with him. “I know how absolutely insane it sounds to want to have kids with someone in their 70s. You are basically robbing a child of his or her father before it is even born,” she writes before adding, “Now that I am a mom myself, the idea seems even more unpalatable. I suppose I thought of it as a ticket out – in more ways than one. The last time the mansion had been multiple-girlfriend-free was when Hef was married and had two children.” We’re glad that Holly held out and had little Rainbow Aurora with her now-husband, Pasquale Rotella, instead.

Holly Madison Says That Hef Would Pit The Bunnies Against Each Other

Despite her desire to have a baby with the creator of the Playboy empire, Holly admits that her time in the mansion wasn’t all bunny outfits and parties. “There were always different political alliances with the girls,” she told the June 22 issue of Us Weekly. “Hef liked to play the main girlfriend off the youngest one to try and create competition.”

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Was Holly smart not to have a kid with Hef? Sound off below!

— Alex Cramer

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