Dave Grohl Breaks Leg During Concert, Finishes Show Anyway

We salute you, Dave Grohl. The Foo Fighters singer broke his leg during a show in Sweden but he wasn't going to let his fans down. Even with a busted limb, Dave managed to finish the concert! Dave Grohl is a true rockstar. While performing in Sweden, the 46-year old leader of Foo Fighters proved that he’s fueled by the power of rock and roll! Dave accidentally broke his leg while singing -- OUCH! But that wasn't enough to stop him, as Dave came back and finished the show!

The Foo Fighters had just started their June 12 set at Gothenburg, Sweden, when Dave’s accident happened, reports Consequence Of Sound. While rocking out to their hit, “Monkey Wrench,” Dave reportedly fell off the stage, snapping his leg and bringing the show to a halt!

“Hey, ladies and gentlemen,” Dave said. “I love you, but I think I just broke my leg. I really broke my leg.” While the concert’s medical teams attended to Dave, he said that he was going to the hospital to get fixed. He also promised that he and the band would come back and finish the show.

Well, the Swedish fans didn’t have to wait for long! The band, without Dave, ran through a set of covers, with drummer Taylor Hawkins singing. Dave rejoined them on stage for an awesome version of Queen/David Bowie epic, “Under Pressure!” From there, Dave was given a chair and a guitar — yes, Dave broke his leg and still managed to play the show.

“I may not be able to walk or run,” Dave said after his triumphant return, “but I can still play guitar and scream!” And he certainly did! Though he spent the rest of the show sitting down, Dave and the band totally delivered, proving that they truly are rock and roll!

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Dave isn’t the first celeb to take a tumble. Ariana Grande, Madonna, even Shaquille O’Neal have all taken a huge fall while performing or on television. Shaq’s trip was considerably scary because he’s so tall! But, just like Dave, Shaq had a good attitude about it (though, thankfully, Shaq was okay.)

What do you think about Dave finishing the show after breaking his leg, HollywoodLifers?

— Jason Brow

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