Amber Rose’s BF Machine Gun Kelly Clueless About Who Caitlyn Jenner Was — Watch

Say what?! When Caitlyn Jenner debuted, she was all that anyone talked about! So, it’s surprising that rapper Machine Gun Kelly didn’t know who Caitlyn was, revealing in an video that he was clueless that Caitlyn used to be Bruce! We did it! We just found the last person on Earth to find out about Caitlyn Jenner, 65! Despite all the coverage over Caitlyn's reveal, Machine Gun Kelly, 35 -- the rapper and current squeeze of Amber Rose, 31 -- admitted that he had absolutely no clue about Caitlyn or who she used to be! Click to see for yourself!

Machine Gun Kelly sat down with the Complex News team for a June 8 edition of Well Rounded. Kelly joined anchors Emily Ober, Jinx and Sean Evans to talk about the big stories and there hasn’t been a bigger story than Caitlyn Jenner. Though, someone forgot to tell that to Machine Gun!

“I didn’t know that was Bruce Jenner until you guys just said that was Bruce Jenner,” Machine Gun said as the rest of the Complex News crew were talking about why Caitlyn went with a “C” instead of a “K” for her name. “I thought that was a Jenner we never heard about – like, [how] there’s a third Franco.”

Huh! Maybe Machine Gun is so underground of a rapper that he practically lives under a rock? We’re kidding – sorta. How could Machine Gun not know who Caitlyn was, considering practically everybody talked about her debut on the cover of Vanity Fair? Maybe his new girlfriend, Amber, could get him to turn on the news every once in a while. Better yet, he can read!

Amber Rose’s New BF Machine Gun Kelly Admits Dating Her Is A ‘Struggle’ — Watch

Machine Gun told Hot 97 that he was also clueless about how it would be like to date a famous celebrity like Amber. “I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it’s not like a struggle every day,” Kelly said, “doubled with the fact that it is like one of the most anti-spotlight people ever and one of the most in-the-spotlight people ever.”

Can you believe that Machine Gun Kelly didn’t know anything about Caitlyn Jenner, HollywoodLifers?

— Jason Brow

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