Amelia Earhart: New Footage From Before Flight Surfaces After 78 Years — Is It Real

Wow. After nearly 78 years, new footage of Amelia Earhart preparing to take her final flight has been uncovered. The amazing black and white images show Amelia preparing to fly around the world -- before her plane vanished in 1937. You have to watch this video. Amelia Earhart, 41, made history as the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, after her second attempt to fly around the world, the American aviator's plane vanished. Now newly discovered footage has surfaced showing Amelia at the Oakland, California, airfield posing and preparing for her doomed flight.

In the video, Amelia is seen with her husband, George Putman, personal photographer Albert Bresnik, and navigator Fredrick Noonan, who also disappeared alongside Amelia during the global flight. Albert was there to photograph the exciting moments before history was made, but little did they know this would be the final images taken of Amelia. Albert’s brother, John was also there where he captured the historical moment on film. In the years that followed, the grainy film reportedly sat in his house for nearly 50 years. It wasn’t until John’s son was digging around after his father passed away that it was discovered.

“I didn’t even know what was on the film until my dad died and I took it home and watched it,” Bresnik revealed. “It just always sat it in a plain box on a shelf in his office, and on the outside it said, ‘Amelia Earhart, Burbank Airport, 1937.'” Wow, can you imagine finding such a rare piece of the past? The new footage, which has been titled Amelia Earhart’s Last Photo Shoot now will be released in July by Paragon Agency. Along with the film, an 80-page book, with text by Nicole Swinford, will be released.

What Happened To Amelia Earhart?

While the details on what exactly happened to Amelia still is a mystery, there are many theories out there. After taking off on July 2, she was reported missing over Howland Island. The final radio contact with Amelia revealed she was unaware of the plane’s location and running low on fuel.

As we have never found remains from the crash, it’s hard to say what really happened. Some say she could have been a spy who ditched her plane on the island and rescued by U.S. Navy ships, or even a theory where the Japanese shot down her plane where she became a prisoner. No matter what finding these images is pretty incredible!

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— Joey Parker

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