Sydney Leroux: 5 Things To Know About The US Women’s Soccer Star

The FIFA Women's World Cup kicked off on June 6, and since then, all eyes have been on US forward, Sydney Leroux. Interestingly, the bold beauty is far from your ordinary soccer player. Here are five things you need to know about the soccer star! The world is buzzing about FIFA Women's World Cup, and Sydney Leroux, 25, is a big part of that conversation. From her brand new Sports Illustrated cover to her gold medal win at the 2012 Summer Olympics, the tatted athlete has paved quite the career for herself. Now, she is back in Canada to face off against her opponents, despite the backlash she may be up against for returning to her home country.

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1) Sydney was born in British Columbia, Canada. When it comes to soccer, she knew at a young age she wanted to conquer the sports world.  “On the U.S. team, there were all these big names,” Sydney told Sports Illustrated. “And I was like, I want to be that person. I want to be known for being a soccer player and doing something that I love.” With that vision, Sydney went on to chase this dream by moving to the United States — alone — when she was 15.

2) From mohawks to tattoos, Sydney is known to challenge the norm. During a conversation with her mom, she asked, “Hey mom, if I score 10 goals, can I get a tattoo?” Of course, Sydney made those goals and a giant flaming soccer ball was tatted on her back.

3) Sydney was the youngest player to ever join the W-League’s Vancouver Whitecaps.

4) Criticism only fuels her success! As many Canadians feel Sydney is a bit of a traitor for leaving Canada to play for the United States, she’s ready for the haters this time around. “I feel like the worst you can do is boo me and try to make me feel bad,’’ Leroux revealed. “Because that just makes me hungrier.”

5) Sydney isn’t shy when it comes to speaking her mind. In an interview with Vice Sports, the soccer star opened up about sexism in soccer.  “Between men and women… this is not equal,” she said. “For us to be playing the biggest tournament for women’s soccer on artificial grass is unacceptable. The game is completely different. It’s fake. So you don’t know how it’s gonna bounce. You don’t know how the ball is gonna run. It’s terrible for your body. The constant pounding. You’re running pretty much on cement. … We’re the guinea pigs.”

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