Juliet Reeves London: 5 Things To Know About Jeremy London’s Hot Wife

When Jeremy London appeared on 'Celebrity Wife Swap,' we were admittedly very excited to see the heartthrob back on our televisions. However, we were totally caught off guard by his hot wife! Who is Juliet Reeves London, and where have you been hiding her, Jeremy? On the June 3 episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, former teen sensation and Party of Five star Jeremy London, 42, returned to the small screen to temporarily trade in his wife, Juliet Reeves London, 37. While it was definitely a hoot to see billionaire Jackie Siegel try to give life a go with Jeremy on his Oklahoma farm, what really caught our eye was Jeremy's gorgeous wife. So, who is Jeremy's better half and what do we need to know about her? Check out five essential facts about Mrs. London!

jeremy london wife
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5. Believe it or not, Juliet and her family formed a traveling circus while she was a child. It’s how she got her start in show biz.

4. Juliet is also an actress. She’s been in several horror films, including Automaton Transfusion, Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! and Texas Chainsaw 3D.

3. Juliet has served as a photo double for some of the most major names in the industry including Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Aniston.

2. She got married and gave birth– in the same week! On June 3, 2014, Juliet and Jeremy got married (just days after he had finalized his divorce from his previous wife, Melissa Cunningham). Two days after the ceremony, the couple welcomed their son, Wyatt.

1. Juliet is known in the film industry as a “Scream Queen.” The actress, who studied her craft at Art Sake Studio in Winter Park Florida, The Dee Wallace Stone Studio in Los Angeles and The Working Actors Studio in Tampa Florida, has starred in more than a dozen feature length indie films and several short films. Looks like someone wants to keep up with their hubby!

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— Casey Mink

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