‘America’s Got Talent’ Preview: Howie Mandel Shakes Hands For The First Time

You've got to see this to believe it! In all his time in the public eye, Howie Mandel has been a non-handshaker-- until now! Check out a shocking sneak peek of the new season of 'America's Got Talent!' When America's Got Talent premieres on May 26, viewers should be prepared for the craziest season yet. For starters, judge Howie Mandel who, even the most casual viewer will know does not shake hands due to OCD, is hypnotized. Believe it or not, the hypnotism works and he grasps the hand of his fellow judge Mel B right there in front of everyone. Uh, talk about talent! Watch a sneak peek of the new season to see the jaw dropping moment for yourself!

Howie Mandel Shakes Hands

“Every year we just get bigger, better,” Howie says while previewing the tenth (!) season of America’s Got Talent. “And the biggest year was the tenth anniversary season,” he adds.

Well, if this sneak peek is any indication of what’s to come this season, he isn’t lying. Howie, who has suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder for as long as he has hosted the show, has never shaken the hand of his co-judge Heidi Klum.

When a hypnotist comes on to compete, the talented guy must put his money where his mouth is. Specifically, he needs to hypnotize Howie into shaking hands.

“I’m trying to shake Howie’s hand for many years,” Heidi says. “I put Purell all over it, ‘shake my hand,’ and he’s never done it,” she adds.

Heidi & Mel Are Shocked

So, the moment of truth. The hypnotist gets Howie to fall into a slumber. Before waking him up, he whispers in his ear, “everyone has on the smallest, super thin gloves.”

With that, he wakes Howie up and Mel immediately holds out her hand and says, “it’s nice to see you today.” In what might be the most shocking moment in the show’s 10-year history, Howie grabs a hold of Mel’s hand and shakes it.

Of course, her jaw immediately drops. Heidi is up next, and Howie again grabs a hold of her hand, and she basically screams in giddy delight.

Do you think Howie really was hypnotized or did something else make him okay to shake hands?

— Casey Mink

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